New Brand Landing Pages

We’ve started rolling out some new site updates recently and the first elements are the new landing pages for our brands, starting with Rab Jackets, Mountain Equipment, and Keen.

First thing you’ll notice is an actual brand header outlining the brand’s message in more detail and some text explaining a bit about them, with relevant links to new products in their range or explanations of the technology they’re using (click the image below to see it full size):

Each product range the brand stocks is outlined in a cleaner fashion, and we are now showing the bestseller list from that brand on the left hand side. Overall – nothing major but a sign of what we’re doing right now – small, incremental changes, based on what we’ve learnt from the last few months of user stats and feedback.

Now believe me when I say this is the 15th variant we came up with before putting it live… all fun and games.

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