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We had a good interview and review of the site posted today by those nice chaps at eConsultancy, and you can read the full interview here.

It was actually interesting to talk about how the last 6 months have gone with Webtogs and how much we’ve done and learnt in that time period. In particular they focussed on the product page changes we’ve recently made, the checkout process, and how we are currently marketing the site. While this is some important stuff – I realised it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

What we haven’t yet talked about on the blog but must do soon:

  • How the new warehouse and office move went
  • How we’ve gone about building a really good customer service team
  • Who the team members now actually are and their backgrounds
  • What stats we measure about the site and why
  • What our dev roadmap looks like for the next few months
  • When are we finally putting customer reviews, editor reviews, and videos live
  • How we’ve found working with the big outdoor brands
  • My experience with dealing with the price comparison engines (this could be a biggy)

I think one thing is for sure – everyone has been stretched to the limit right now but we’ve been pushing on with the adrenalin rush of creating something big and meaningful. Now – where’s that Redbull!

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