New Facebook page live

On July 31, 2009, in The Outdoor Archive, by Gareth

We’re now live and direct on facebook so come say hello to us. We promise not to bite and we do promise to show you all our new videos, piccies and musings!


Well what a lovely summer we are having. What’s that? You disagree? Better head over to Webtogs to get stocked up on waterproofs then, the lad below wishes he had!

Tent Canoeing

Despite the rain, there has been some brief moments of happiness. Helping one of our friends move house last weekend revealed a hidden treasure in the shape of a bumble bees nest. We had to dismantle his shed when we heard an all consuming buzzing starting to come from below the right corner of the floor. Dreading the fact it could be wasps, we gingerly lifted the final boards to reveal the bees nest below. I had never seen one up so close before, watching such fantastic animals who have had such a hard time of viruses and our polution recently was awesome. The colour of these bees was really vivid, a jet black front giving rise to a burnished organge at the tail. Suffice to say we covered them gently back up afterwards with some spare wood and left them to bumble about their business with large grins on our faces.

Bess nests go buzz buzz buzz


More nutty Kayakers

On July 27, 2009, in The Outdoor Archive, by Gareth

This has to be seen to be believed, Tyler Bradt breaking the worlds biggest waterfall jump, we salute you sir.!

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Ohhhh – shiny new product videos

On July 22, 2009, in Reviews, by Gareth

We have been busy out and about in the woods and have added a couple of product videos to the website that you can view below. I’m wearing my shiny new Mica jacket which has made my summer so far awesome. We’ve also posted up a review on our Targhee II’s as well.

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She’s off again!

On July 17, 2009, in Adventure Stories, Helen Lloyd, by Gareth

Helen Lloyd, our sponsored endurance cyclist of ‘takeonafrica’ fame, will be departing these shores en route to France from Poole ferry terminal on Monday 20th July. If anyone would like to come along and join the rest of us to wish her well, we are meeting Helen at the terminal building at 1130 am. Please come along and support this unique and worthwhile endeavour.


One lucky member of the webtogs crew (flight costs and medical not withstanding) has been accepted onto the support crew for one of the worlds most extreme endurance events. The jungle marathon is a 200km stage race through the Amazon Jungle in Brazil, you may have seen the 2008 race on ITV 4′s extreme events program the other night. Although not new to the jungle, our lucky chap is busily bashing his chest and moving all the office plants into the adjacent toilet and running the hot water tap – something to do with acclimatisation he says!