From Rugby Boots and Balls to Cycling Shoes and Lycra

For me the transition from Winter to Spring is complete all in a weekend. Saturday was our last game of the season and after the last few days of dry weather the pitch was like sand paper claiming the knees of most who took part. A tough physical game against a strong well drilled side was a great way to end the season, even my two black eyes give me a warm reminder of a great afternoon every time I look in the mirror.

I woke up on Sunday morning to blue skies and sunshine and pulled on my Lycra shorts and got the road bike out of the garage. I planned a short, 25 Mile, route through the surrounding villages taking in as many of the good hills as I could. The roads were largely traffic free and once I was on the back roads I hardly saw any cars. The winter is now behind us, the down jackets have been put away and the sandals have been dusted off.

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