First Look at the Lightwave T0 XT Tent

Getting the Lightwave T0XT tent out of the bag the first thing that hits you is the quality of the fabrics and components. The tent is inner pitch first with two poles that create the main sleeping area and an additional pole that creates the vestibule. The poles come in three colours, Green, Gray, and Black, which match up to colour coding on the pole sleeves for ease of pitching.

Once the Inner tent is up the Flysheet can be added and the porch pole inserted. There are velcro tabs on the flysheet that be attached to the inner tent for additional stability. There is one peg point at the nose and one at the tail of the tent.

T0 XT Flysheet on

When putting up the tent the quality of the manufacture starts to really shine through. I was particularly impressed with the way the high stress points on the fly had been constructed and they certainly have a “these are never going to fail” feel to them.

Tab Detail

The Lightwave T0 XT tent has a huge amount of living space for such a lightweight tent. Its not possible to sit up comfortably for someone my size but there is easily enough space to get dressed and sort kit out. There are two mesh storage pockets either side of the door which will help keep small items tidy in the tent. There are no real venting options as the door to the inner is part Mesh and part Nylon, this is to save weight and to my mind not a big issue. The extended porch provides loads of storage space and will easily accommodate the preparation of food in bad weather.

Inner Tent

In summary I think that this is is a truly excellent tent that oozes quality and great design. Its not the lightest tent in its class and it is certainly not the cheapest but in my view it is easily the nicest. I think the T0 XT would be particularly suitable for UK use as the door design will ensure no water will get in the tent when entering and exiting in foul weather also there is not as much mesh on the inner as many other similar tents which will make the tent feel warmer in the spring and autumn.

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