New videos from the Nemo range

We posted a couple of sneak peaks of the Nemo tents last year and we are super shuffed to have the full range in now. We managed to get a couple of test samples up which we videod and you can view the results on You Tube below;

First we have the Meta 2P – a super lightweight trekking pole tent, probably the best designed we have seen in this category. Weighing just 1300 Grammes, I’m seriously looking forward to getting this out on the hill and reducing my pack weight even more.


We also managed to get the Asashi up and running along with it’s Garage The Asahi on it’s own has a vast amount of space but with the garage you had a virtual palace! What was great about having the garage is being able to stay inside with the door open and even if it was raining, the inner tent would remain dry.

Both tents impressed with their attention to detail and quality, keep your eyes peeled for more videos!

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