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We have been developing some funky stuff recently on the Website, and we have been remiss in telling you just what is going on that’s new at Our resident geek, Coda, has just made live a new coming soon section. Here you can see all the gear that we have coming in to us even before we actually receive it! It will let you have a look at some of the new tents, sleeping bags and clothing coming in and also check out the stats, data, photos and rough dates of when they are due in.

To check out all the new gear heading our way, simply click on the coming soon link that you can access from the home page at the bottom of our left hand navigation menu, everything that is not yet in is listed before you with a shiny blue “coming soon” icon at the top. You can also sign up with your email so we’ll tell you when they have come in through the Warehouse door. Simply click on the product that you fancy, and click the unmissable “Email me when in stock button” – we’ll keep you posted.

Coming soon

You will also see these items if you search specifically on the site – although you won’t see any coming soon items when you navigate through the main navigation menu.

We hope you like this, and get as excited as we are about all the shiny new gear we have coming up!

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