Wind Rain & Trains

I’m not meant to be in the office today. I should be in Scotland waiting for my final train to wick so I can start my end to end cycle trip. Sadly the weather has had different ideas and my sleeper train was canceled due to high winds.

If you have ever tried to travel on a train with a bike its not easy. There are only two spaces which you have to book in advance if you dont want to risk being chucked off the train to make space for someone who has booked. This means you need to plan and book your journey well in advance so just getting the next train was not a option.

So I have got a couple of weeks, my panniers are packed, and I am feeling ready for a adventure but not sure what to do.

Any ideas for a cool last minute adventure? Backpacking or cycle touring.

2 thoughts on “Wind Rain & Trains

  1. I chanced taking the train from Bath without reserving a space for my bike. Even though there were 5 bikes for 4 spaces, the guard let us all on. So why not take a chance and hope you get on and all the way. And if not, just cycle from wherever u get… you might discover great places you’d never thought of visiting…

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