Come to Canada and it won’t be long before someone mentions bears. Especially if you plan on cycling while in the country.

Be aware of the bears. Have you got bear spray? and bear bells? You’re not going to be camping in the wild are you?

Er… well, yes.

I do have bear spray. I’ve even removed the cellphone wrapping. But bear bells, no. They would drive me insane long before I actually come across a bear.

I’ve just spent the last 6 days cycling north through Vancouver Island, from Victoria towards Port Hardy. I’ve not seen one yet. Lars, my cycling partner did though. They are here for sure.

So I have my bear spray strapped to the top of my front pannier for easy access on the road. And when we stop to put up camp, I have the bear spray tucked in my shorts pocket. Feeling more like John Wayne with a gun in a holster than a cyclist! But like any good scout it’s all about being prepared.

Right now though, I’ve got a bigger fight on my hands with the mosquitoes!

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