Freshly baked Keen

It’s that time of year when the brands come a calling and we get a sneak peak in to what they have coming up for Autumn / Winter 2012. Today it was the turn of the lovely Jilly from Keen who usually brings us cake, but in true new year style brought apples. For the record Jilly, it’s cake all the way please for the Webtogs crew…..

Two things caught our eye, first up, the Brice, an urban trekking boot and shoe. It looks different with no heel break giving you whole sole traction. It’s got the traditional Keen dry waterproof layer but with an additional perforated foam section around the membrane to pump out hot air.

look no heel break! 

ladies brice boots

lasses brice shoes

blokes brice boots

lads brice shoes

kumas favourite

These are pretty multipurpose, we can see ourselves heading out and about in town and straight on to some tracks in these, and the colours are fab. We’re loving the green in particular.  £110 for the boots £105 for the shoes

Next up the return of a favourite with the KeenKlamath coming back on the scene.  Good torsion control, external heel support, quality leather on the outside, it looks traditional but with a modern twist. Great for hills in the UK where keeping the elements out is the all important part.

The klamath is back and looking mean

klamath got soul

klamath heel support

 Now, when’s Autumn due again?

2 thoughts on “Freshly baked Keen

  1. I love Keens – I currently own 4 different pairs.  These new ones look great. I also love the dog! Does it come free with a purchase?

    1. Cheers for stopping by Joanne! I think our warehouse manager might get a tad grumpy if she lost Kuma, you’ll still get an ace pair of shoes or boots though 😉

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