Lead up to the ‘Grizzly’

It’s been a while since anyone has posted on the Togblog and the reason is pure laziness…. No, that’s a lie. We’ve had an incredibly busy few months over the Summer and unfortunately it’s the blog and social media which has taken a bit of a battering. For this we are sorry.

I’m Charlie and have written a couple of posts before, mainly about mountain biking and the like. If you’re not familiar then I’ll try to summarise what I’m like and the recent changes in my life which have lead me to participate in a few unusual events. Unusual for me anyway.

I quit smoking 2 years ago in March, not that I’m counting the days ( the 1st at 5pm)….. and this, along with working for Webtogs, kicked me in the right direction to entering a few races over the summer including a couple of triathlons, road races and the Wiggle Mountain Mayhem, a 24hr MTB race. I now own a garage full of bikes and bike bits but this is not where this post is headed.

Now that the nights are drawing  in and road cycling is becoming slightly dangerous I have been persuaded into trail running by Warehouse Mike our resident athlete and before you could say knife I’d entered a race called the ‘Grizzly‘. Now for those of you who are unaware of this race it’s a 21 miler from Seaton in Devon and it’s a multi terrain, extremely undulating race designed to knock you sideways with cliff paths, a million steps*, shingle beaches and styles to navigate – oh dear Charlie. I have no idea why this race sold out in 3 hours and I still have no idea why I entered. I maintain that my excuse is as it was when I was at school and in trouble “I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, sir”.

So, Mike and I are entered into this Grizzly race and training has commenced with a bang. I went out around the woods and Stour Head gardens last night straight after work, on my own, and was happily running away on a 10k course we’d mapped out previously when a couple of things dawned on me. Firstly, the light was fading pretty quick so I needed to buy a decent head torch, and secondly if anything was to happen to me it would take at least 12hrs before anyone noticed me missing.

Towards the 8k mark where the route navigates through a few fields and in front of the beautiful Stour Head House, where there are usually friendly cows, the farmer had obviously swapped these ones for ‘Grizzly’ ones. As I was thinking ‘are you going to move’ the cows were obviously thinking ‘whose this pipsqueak on our turf’. Well to say I’ve never spun and run as fast as that is an understatement. I’ve never experienced that life flashing experience until last night and it freaked me out somewhat – needless to say it added minutes onto my training time as I had to find my composure along with my pride and my heart which had leapt into the nearest tree.

Two things learned last night. I need to buy a decent head torch, which luckily the Silva rep arrived today and we’ve added some seriously epic head lamps to our range. The second lesson was to give cows a wide birth, no matter how rare you like them.

Thanks for reading and hope to post again soon with more adventures.


* I’m not sure how many steps there will be but there are likely to be a lot!

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