Keen Sandals

Well, has Summer been and gone? We hope not as there are some lovely Keen Sandals in our warehouse waiting to be re-homed. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Keen here is a little overview of them.

Keen, as a footwear brand, originated from America when their founder became fed up of stubbing his toe while out walking in his sandals. This then gave birth to the idea of the Keen Toe Protect. This is the rubber toe protector that you seen across the who range of sport sandals, walking boots and shoes. Since then they have obviously grown from strength to strength. Now Keen have a large range of footwear that ranges from warm weather sandals to deep winter boots and everything in-between. What we’re focusing on today is their cracking range of sandals.

Keen Sandals are well known for their roomy, comfortable ride over terrain that a traditional walking boot or shoe is comfortable over, however, you also receive the bonus of true ventilation from the sandal construction. You can also hop in and out of puddles, rivers and the sea with the addition of the H2 footwear. If you see a keen item, like the Newport H2 Sandals, then this means that Keen have given it the go-ahead to be dunked in sea and fresh water whereas the traditional Newport is advised that it’s only used in fresh water. This is down to the lovely effect that salt water has on leather and other natural materials over prolonged periods.

Earlier I mentioned that Keen are known and loved for being a brand that suit those looking for a sandal or shoe that’s wider than others, and they are. Now, however, they have brought out their CNX collection. This brilliant range of footwear caters for those looking for a slightly narrower, lighter weight sandal or shoe. You still have the protection of the toes and the same comfort but they’ve been slimmed down somewhat. The sole units are still comfortable yet lightweight and the protection is still there but not quite as prominent as in previous Keen models.

Keen Sandals
Keen Sandals

So, in summary, if you’re looking for a lighter weight companion then the Keen CNX Clearwater Sandals are a real winner, they are light, comfortable and can go in salt or fresh water. Win, win. If you want a slightly more robust sandal to allow you to shelve the walking boots over the summer and air your toes, then the Keen Newport  and Venice Sandals are tried and tested over a good few years.

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