We’ve Hired!… a.k.a. my first day at Webtogs

It seems quite appropriate that I should be writing the first post on the Togblog since Tim posted to advertise the vacancy of Content Manager back in June, considering that I am the successful (and very chuffed) applicant to that position. And so here I am on my first day in the new role… My name is Phil, wish me luck.

First impressions of Webtogs/SWMS were interesting to say the least. In most companies, the word induction is synonymous with health and safety videos and filling out mind-numbing forms – not so here. My introduction to the team consisted of a quick meet, greet and ‘up-to-speed’ session, followed by a 24-mile mountain bike ride around the beautiful Longleat and Stourhead estates. Taking in secluded back roads, green lanes overrun by nettles, and some occasionally muddy off road, it was a breath of fresh air literally as well as metaphorically. As Keith (boss and route-planner) had warned me previously, it could so easily have turned out to be a “bramble and nettle nightmare”. Thankfully my close encounters of the nettle kind were limited to just the one, and I survived my first ‘Webtogs style’ induction with nothing more than a few mud-splatters.

Slightly surreal encounter with Longleat House

If all my talk of mountain bike related fun has wet your appetite for some Somerset single track, the Webtogs team organise ‘Bike Night’ each Thursday at 5:30pm. Follow the link below to check out Webtogs on Facebook for more info – all abilities welcome. It promises to be great fun, and a new experience for me as well as those of you who’ve not yet come along to one!


As the content guy, I have been tasked with breathing some new life into the currently fairly inactive blog and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube), so you will be hearing a lot more from me over the coming weeks and months. I’ll be covering topics ranging from nuggets of information on our brands, products and offers, to my own experiences in the new role.

Thanks for reading my first post. You’ll hear from me after ‘Bike Night’ (if not before).


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