Mud, mud, glorious mud (nothing quite like it for cooling the blood)


I managed to complete a full mountain bike ride yesterday with bike intact and a full complement of body parts, which is something to celebrate. Despite threatening skies, near total darkness and lashings of mud, this week’s Bike Club was a big success. Fun was had by all (3 of us) on a varied 15 and a bit-mile route around the forested hills and valleys of the Stourhead Estate, taking in Stourhead house itself, a close-encounter with a deer, enjoyable downhills and tiring climbs. Feeling thoroughly buoyed by the experience, I intend to keep carrying the Webtogs Bike Night torch on through the cold, dark winter months!





Keith's mud-spattered (and awesome) bike post-ride
Keith’s mud-spattered (and awesome) bike, post-ride


Speaking of torches, if anyone else out there wants to keep on walking, running or riding through the winter, a decent head torch or bike lamp is an invaluable piece of kit. In fact, on the sort of ride we did last night, under cover of trees and after 6PM, it’s very much essential! As I have yet to invest in a decent one (capable of illuminating the ground in front of me rather than merely making me visible to others), Keith kindly lent me his Silva Pave Bike Lamp. Despite weighing a mere 50 grams and being no larger than a shelled walnut, it kicks out a stonking 550 lumens of light over wide spread. Its compact battery pack attaches easily to a bike frame or fits in a small rucksack pocket no problem, and it has an easy on/off switch which I was able to operate even in my thick winter bike gloves. All in all the Pave performed admirably on the stodgy Wiltshire trails and comes highly recommended. What’s more it’s available on Webtogs.

The Silva Pave *phonetic - par-vey* is impressively powerful for it's size
The Silva Pave *par-vey* – impressively powerful for it’s size


The Pave's charger - again, very compact and lightweight
The Pave’s charger – again, very compact and lightweight

A couple more details on the Pave – it charges from the mains in only 3 hours, and is mountable on either helmet or handlebars. Full battery power is more than adequate for a decent length ride, and maximum burn time is 10 hours; so suitable for all but lengthy endurance riding events, and enough for all-night riding in Summer if you’re not a fan of sleeping.


To conclude this post, I had a good night… and a good light. We’ve got a fantastic selection of head torches, regular torches and outdoor lanterns to get you hardcore outdoor athletes through the winter, no matter what your chosen activity – Webtogs Lighting


I only realised when I got home and looked in the mirror quite how much mud I had on my face
I only realised when I got home and looked in the mirror quite how much mud I had on my face

P.S. For anyone who cares, here’s the route we took on Strava:


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