Webtogs Photo Competition – progress so far

Just a quick post today, about the ongoing Webtogs Photo Competition – currently up and running on Google+ and Facebook.

First of all I’d like to once again congratulate the winners of last week’s inaugural round! Based on the buzzword ‘AUTUMN’ they were:

Adam Porter's Autumnal hedgerow - 33 Likes
Adam Porter’s back-lit tree hedgerow – 36 Likes
Lise Winstone's Autumnal mushroom
Lise Winstone’s Autumnal mushroom – 26 Likes
Sheila Austin's adorable seal pup (I'm informed they spend Autumn on the beach in Norfolk)
Sheila Austin’s adorable seal pup (I’m informed they spend Autumn on the beach in Norfolk) – 25 Likes

Absolute beaut’s you’ll agree. They certainly set the benchmark for all future entries.


The original idea behind the competition was to fuel a bit more interaction between ourselves and our friends on social media – round one being an initial experiment to breathe a bit of life into our Facebook account. I was a little fearful that we’d only receive a couple of entries – thankfully, as you’ll see from our Facebook Page, that wasn’t the case!

Continuing the experiment, we’re now running this week’s photo competition in parallel on Google+ as well as Facebook, as I’m reliably informed it’s the future of social media thanks to Google’s inexorable progression towards world domination. Seriously though it is good; get on there if you’re not already. The G+ response has been even more impressive than that on Facebook! We’ve had an amazing 30 photos so far, with two days remaining to submit. Check them out, they’ll blow you away.

This fortnight’s theme is WATER. Just to re-iterate the rules, for the Facebook competition they’re all on the Facebook Event Page. For Google + follow the link at the end of the previous paragraph – everything you need is in the ‘Details’ panel on the right.

And remember, venturing into any wilderness area alone is dangerous – especially with a camera…

funny photographers


Happy snapping


P.S. For when you’re out in the cold with your camera, check out the Tog Blog Guide To Layering to stay safe and warm. Alternatively check out our Down and synthetic Insulated Jackets on Webtogs to go direct to the source of the warmth.

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