The North Face Ethical Down Update

You know the post we put out a week or so ago about sustainable down sourcing by Webtogs’ brands? Well I have a very positive update from The North Face regarding the development of their ‘Responsible Down Standard’ – namely, after two years in development, it is complete! You can read the full update from TNF themselves here, in their official release.

Now that pre-pilot audits on The North Face’s existing down suppliers have been completed, they are now in a position to roll out the finalised RDS (Responsible Down Standard) across their entire global supply chain. All down in The North Face down products by Autumn/Winter 2015 will comply with the RDS (allowing for time to conduct full audits, and for geese to reach maturity), and what’s more the enforcement of the standard is to be handed over to third-party, non-profit organisation Textile Exchange. They are committed to minimising the harmful effects of the global textile industry, and encouraging the positive ones, for the benefit of textile workers, animals, and all of us.

Though still a work in progress, this news marks a big step along the road towards the emancipation of maltreated geese everywhere!

Happy, free-roaming geese. We hope to see more and more of these in the future.
Happy, free-roaming geese. That’s what we like to see.


Link to The North Face’s RDS Sustainability Update:

Link to the Textile Exchange ‘About Us’ page:

The North Face Down Clothing on Webtogs:


Happy Friday!


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