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Just a quick post about a product I really like, having had the pleasure of owning it for some time now. It’s called the Montane Fireball Smock, and it is essentially a no-thrills zip-neck pull-on, constructed from Pertex Quantum, and filled with 40g Primaloft Eco insulation throughout. When I say no-frills, I mean that it’s just about as minimalist and pared back as outdoor outerwear gets, with no hand pockets, 1/2 length zip simple elasticated hems and cuffs: and yet I have found myself wearing it for almost every significant excursion I’ve made out of the house this winter!  This is quite simply because it works.

The Montane Men's Fireball Smock - Electric Blue (the one I've got). Also available in sensible black.
The Montane Men’s Fireball Smock – Electric Blue (the one I’ve got). Also available in sensible black.


Weighing in at a featherweight 265 grams and packing down to roughly the size of two large apples, the Montane Fireball Smock is incredibly easy to pull on and off, to stuff into any bag you might be carrying (even any handbag your girlfriend might be carrying – it’s so light she won’t notice). When on, it’s also deceptively warm thanks to it’s light yet efficient Primaloft filling and Pertex Quantum outer that’s windproof despite being gossamer-thin. As it is water resistant, dries quickly and insulates when wet, I’ve also not been afraid to wear it when rain’s been threatening. If it gets wet – no worries, just hang it up to dry when you get home and it’s good to go again next time. If you get it muddy or dirty, just wash it in your machine at 30 or 40 degrees with some Nikwax Tech wash – it’ll be dry in no time, whether you tumble dry it on a low heat or hang it up, performing and looking like new.

Check out the Montane Fireball Smock at Webtogs –

The Fireball Smock when packed down into its handy Pertex stuff sack.
The Fireball Smock when packed down into its handy Pertex stuff sack.

The applications of the Montane Fireball are widespread. I’ve worn it on long road rides on the bike, stuffing it into a saddle bag when not needed; on night runs; as warm-down wear after the gym; on walks in Somerset and South Wales, and on the odd dash to the supermarket. I hear it’s also good for ultra-marathons and adventure races! Whilst it is far from the most impressive or feature-laden outdoor garment on the market, it packs serious bang for its buck in the usability stakes: seldom have I used a jacket (I’ve not owned a smock before) that I’ve been able to wear more often or for more diverse activities. If smocks aren’t your thing (I completely understand if they’re not), there’s also a Montane Fireball Jacket, which gives you the additional luxuries of a hood, full-length zip, and even hand pockets. The jacket still only weighs in at 322 grams.



Here’s a run-through of what the Montane Fireball Smock does give you:

  • Pertex Quantum fabric – fast drying, windproof and water resistant
  • Primaloft Eco insulation for super packable, lightweight, effective warmth even when wet
  • Articulated arms for reach high movement and tailored specifically to reduce hem lift
  • Soft microfleece beard guard around chin and neck for extra comfort
  • Chest pocket for handy essentials in the mountains
  • YKK semi-automatic, two way chest zip with an anti-snag baffle
  • Elasticated cuffs and hem
  • 360 degree reflective trim and Montane logos (great for cycling/running)
  • Super lightweight Montane stuff sack, also in Pertex Quantum

As you can see, even though there’s not a lot to Montane Fireball Smock, it’s a prime example of quality over quantity. And I can say from experience that it’s a true user’s piece!

View the whole Montane insulated clothing range to see what other goodies they have to offer –


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