Marmot NanoPro: Hyper-Breathable Waterproofing For the Masses

This week at Webtogs, we’ve taken delivery of the latest new waterproofs from Marmot, featuring their new family of waterproof technologies – NanoPro. Within the NanoPro family there are two main technologies: NanoPro itself, an entry-level coated technology; and NanoPro MemBrain, a 2.5-layer laminate technology (membrane-based), aimed at the lightweight performance user. The gag with both NanoPro variants, is that they’ve both got an incredibly small pore structure, enabling a far greater number and density of pores to be packed into a single garment without a negative impact on waterproof performance. It’s a simple concept, but one which has a powerful effect on performance. And I’ve got the facts and figures from Marmot to prove it!

Marmot NanoPro: waterproof, windproof, highly durable; and of course, incredibly breathable, with Dynamic Air Permeability
Marmot NanoPro: waterproof, windproof, highly durable; and of course, incredibly breathable, with Dynamic Air Permeability

I’ve already posted an article on the NanoPro to the Gear Guru section of the, but in an attempt to keep it simple and easy for everyone to take in, I was forced to leave out a significant proportion of the material provided by Marmot, leaving only the essential facts (breathability and waterproof ratings, a couple of microscopic images etc.). Therefore, I’ve decided to get the full technical spec of NanoPro and NanoPro MemBrain out on the TogBlog (here), to indulge the tech geek tendencies of anyone who’s interested – or meticulous potential buyers who want to make sure they’re getting the right kit for the job! You can read the full NanoPro article on Webtogs, complete with microscopic images of NanoPro via the link below. Think of it as the slimmed-down option:

Marmot NanoPro Reviews

Posting on the TogBlog also gives me the platform to link to two independent reviews of NanoPro by the the highly respected outdoor websites Outdoors Magic, and Live For The Outdoors – proof (if you needed any), that my views on NanoPro are not unfairly influenced by commercial bias! Here they are:

NanoPro memBrain review on –

NanoPro (Precip Jacket) review on –


Marmot NanoPro Tech Data

Now that we’ve got the independent reviews out of the way, let’s move onto the tech data:

Breathability: A1 (Upright Cup Test) shows the ability of a fabric to vent quickly. Most waterproof fabrics top out at 6,000mm. The higher the number, the greater capacity of instant venting. B1 (Inverted Cup Test) measures the total capacity of the fabrics breathability. It is measured in grams per 24 hour period with higher numbers representing greater breathability. Most coated technologies (i.e. like regular NanoPro) are 10,000mm or below. Most laminations (like NanoPro MemBrain) are 20,000mm, however up to 45,000mm is possible.
CFM measures the windproofness of the fabric. It is the best available test for indicating Air Permeability. The lower the number the more windproof a fabric is, with 0 equaling no air passing through. Most air permeable waterproof fabric’s CFMs are between 0.3 and 0.5, with the max being 1.0.
Hohenstein RET shows user comfort based on lab testing on human subjects. This is the test Gore helped develop, and use for their performance rating. The lower the number, the greater comfort – Gore-Tex Pro achieves an RET of 5-6, Gore Active 3-4.

An impressive set of figures, especially given that NanoPro waterproof jackets start at just £72.25 for the PreCip Waterproof Jacket, and NanoPro MemBrain at £127.50 for Essence waterproof Jacket – that’s at 15% off RRP at Webtogs. You won’t find a more breathable, durably waterproof jacket in that price range. Hats off to Marmot!


‘Dynamic Air Permeability’

As mentioned in the article on Webtogs, NanoPro and NanoPro MemBrain achieve these striking performance figures through a combination of their tiny, densely-packed pore structure, and Dynamic Air Permeability. ‘Traditional’ microporous waterproof, breathable technologies require a protective hydrophilic top layer to protect against contamination. This protective layer limits breathability and prevents Dynamic Air Permeability from occurring. The 200X magnified image of Marmot’s previous coated waterproof technology, PreCip, illustrates this problem:


Marmot NanoPro and NanoPro MemBrain on the other hand, do not require a protective top coat, thanks to their miniscule pores and fine, protective ‘Dry Touch’ finish. Below is a 200X magnified image of NanoPro, showing its ultra-porous structure left free to breathe, permitting Dynamic Air Permeability:



‘Dry Touch’ Finish

Finally, a word on the Dry Touch inner coating that features on both Marmot NanoPro and NanoPro MemBrain technologies. Dry Touch helps protect the Marmot NanoPro technology from abrasion and contamination, while providing next-to-skin comfort. Essentially a layer of very small non-organic particles, Dry Touch helps NanoPro achieve superb comfort, as well as cutting-edge performance.

Dry Touch appears as a printed pattern on the inner surface of Marmot NanoPro waterproof garments
Dry Touch appears as a printed pattern on the inner surface of Marmot NanoPro waterproof garments


Marmot NanoPro – Summary

  • Enhanced Breathability
  • Dynamic Air Permeability
  • Durably Waterproof to 10,000mm+
  • Increased User Comfort
  • Incredible Value for Money

Sounds like a fantastic overall package to us.

Click the NanoPro logo below to browse through Marmot NanoPro products on Webtogs, or the NanoPro MemBrain logo to do the same for NanoPro MemBrain products. If you’re looking for a new waterproof anywhere in the £50-£150 category, you won’t regret it.

Marmot-NanoPro-Link-Pod Marmot-NanoPro-MemBrain-Link-Pod

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