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Created in 1971, Thermarest is a brand dedicated to helping you achieve a comfortable night’s sleep outdoors. They work hard to reduce weight whilst increasing comfort and warmth, and their work has paid off with their huge success in the outdoor industry. Originally inspired to create the world’s first self inflating mattress by a foam kneeling pad they have grown from one strength to another to become have one of the most formidable reputations in the industry.


Here at we are proud to stock a wide range of Thermarest’s latest and best selling gear. Whether you’re backpacking across Europe this summer or heading to your favourite festival you’ll want Thermarest’s innovative design and quality by your side.


Thermarest NeoAir Venture WV Regular Inflatable Sleep Mat


Thermarest NeoAir Venture WV Regular Inflatable Sleep Mat

This innovative self-inflating mattress features the all new and patent pending WaveCore construction that provides targeted performance and comfort. This enables it to provide twice the warmth of uninsulated air mattresses. Also featuring a horizontal baffle it offers unrivalled stability and support. Designed for maximum convenience it is compact and durable with a 75D polyester construction and air tight coatings.




Thermarest Trail Lite Regular Self Inflating Sleep Mat]


Thermarest Trail Lite Regular Self Inflating Sleep Mat

Lightweight, compact and super comfortable this good value self-inflating mattress is the ultimate in camping convenience. It features a die cut foam for weight reduction and a semi-rectangular shape to increase the sleeping area. Easy to stow away it comes with its own stuff sack and can easily be used in conjunction with other Thermarest sleep mats to create a larger sleeping area for multiple campers.





Thermarest EvoLite Regular Sleep Mat


Thermarest EvoLite Regular Sleep Mat

This versatile self-inflating mattress is designed for convenient, compact and comfortable three season use. It features alternating foam and air channels to allow for weight reduction and increased loft for unrivalled comfort and support. It also features Thermarest’s exclusive Atmos Foam beams for high performance stability and superior self inflating abilities. Simply add a couple of breathes to achieve your desired firmness.





Thermarest Treo Trek Chair


Thermarest Treo Trek Chair

Designed to deliver maximum comfort whilst maintaining a compact and convenient design the Thermarest Treo Trek Chair is a must have essential for any camping trip. It features a strong and durable design with non slip tripod feet, a durable aluminium frame and an ultra strong nylon and Dyneema sling. For easy storage it even features an integrated elastic band to secure the chair for easy transport. Enjoy your home comforts at your campsite with this convenient camping chair.





Thermarest Trekker Lounge 25 Trek Chair


Thermarest Trekker Lounger 25 Trek Chair

Even more compact and convenient than the Treo Trek Chair the Thermarest Trekker Lounger 25 Trek Chair is stripped down to the bare essentials to deliver convenient comfort on all of your outdoor adventures. It is super fast and easy to set up; great for when you’ve had a long day exploring, and is designed to fit most of Thermarest’s self inflating mattresses for versatile comfort.





To see what the rest of Thermarest’s exciting gear has to offer check out the rest of our Thermarest collection. From your backyard to the wilderness Thermarest is there for all of your outdoor adventures.

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