The Merrell Technology Guide

Merrell is arguably one of the most innovative and successful brands in the industry. Their premium quality outdoor gear can be seen brandished in some of the most inhospitable environments on Earth as well as on city streets everywhere; a sign that they cater to the extreme adventurer as well as the everyday user. The mark of their success; they have an ever growing list of reliable technologies under their belt which they use in conjunction with other innovative technologies developed by industry leaders to create their premium quality gear.

With so much going on and new tech constantly being released it isn’t easy to keep up and even we here at get confused sometimes! It’s understandable in an industry that is always changing for the better. So today to help combat that issue and refresh our own memories we decided to bring you a definitive guide to the technologies that Merrell use.

Below is a list of their own proprietary technologies and their benefits, as well as ones developed by other experts that they commonly use. So the next time that we’re struggling to get to grips with Merrell’s extensive specifications we all have a place to come for answers!


M Select Dry

M Select Dry is a waterproof technology designed to deliver moisture wicking performance that is still breathable for comfort. It uses a membrane technology to selectively shed precipitation without inhibiting airflow and the ability of moisture to escape the garment/footwear.

M Select Fresh

M Select Fresh is an antimicrobial treatment that is featured in most of Merrell’s footwear. This technology combats the build up of odour causing microbes to keep your shoes fresher for longer; great for multi-day trips.

M Select Grip

M Select Grip is one of Merrell’s most popular proprietary technologies. It involves using durable, extra slip resistant materials and a specialised lug pattern and depth to ensure maximum traction and reliability on wet or dry surfaces. This technology can be applied to several different types of shoe for versatile outdoor performance.

M Select Warm

M Select Warm insulation is a compressible, lightweight and low bulk form of insulation; perfect for adventures where you have to travel fast and light. It works by creating reflective micro-spaces which then trap your body heat and retain if for efficient warmth that is still packable and compressible.

M Select Move

The M Select Move footframe is designed to provide reliable performance and comfort like no other. This premium quality technology is anatomically designed meaning that it follows the natural flex and contours of your foot for personal comfort. It also integrates Return Foam that supports your natural freedom of movement with added stability and extended comfort.

M Bound

M Bound is another one of Merrell’s cushioning technologies. It offers tailored cushioning to provide the perfect balance of cushioning and responsiveness which enhances stability and agility by providing immediate feedback. This technology can be found in many of Merrell’s designs but is most common in their trail running and hiking shoes.


Gore-Tex is another alternative to Merrell’s own M Select Dry technology. It offers exceptional waterproof performance that doesn’t compromise on breathability by allowing water vapour to pass through whilst repelling liquid water. This technology is often used in both their garments and footwear because it is lightweight and ideal for active use.

Full Grain Nubuck Leather

Full grain nubuck leather is a durable and flexible material most commonly used in their hiking boots and shoes. It is hardwearing for protection and can help towards a fully waterproof construction. As it is a natural product leather breathes which makes it comfortable too.

3D Printed Mesh

Merrell’s 3D printed mesh can be found in many of their trail running and summer shoes. It is used for it’s superior breathability; ideal for active days outdoors in the hot summer sun.


DWR, short for durable water repellent, is another treatment that Merrell gives their footwear and garments for weatherproof performance. DWR is ideal for situations where you need water repellence rather than full waterproof protection. This coating allows garments and footwear to shed water and snow effectively.

Vegan Friendly

Merrell’s Vegan Friendly footwear is made with the same reliable quality and comfort as the rest of their range but with the added benefit of being made from 100% synthetic material. This not only allows for peace of mind but also means that man made materials can be tailored to deliver precise performance and benefits.


Merrell use Vibram soles in many of their designs. Favoured by many brands in the outdoor industry for their reliable performance they offer slip resistant grip and excellent durability.


So there you have our complete Merrell Technology Guide. We hope that this helps some of you next time you’re looking into their award winning gear, and you can be certain that we ourselves will be checking back regularly to keep this knowledge fresh in our minds!

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