The Jack Wolfskin Technology Guide

Jack Wolfskin has been an industry leader since it’s inception in 1981, and the world renowned brand shows no signs of slowing down.

Over the years their ranges have expanded and their list of technologies has grown but one thing remains the same; their dedication to providing their customers with the best gear for all weathers and adventures. True to their original core values; Jack Wolfskin aim to provide the best gear possible to ensure that everyone can get outside and enjoy what mother nature has to offer.

Here at Tog-Blog we decided that a brand with such a formidable reputation was well overdue one of our comprehensive technology guides. The North Face and Merrell already have their own dedicated guides on our blog, so finally today we bring to you The Jack Wolfskin Technology Guide.


ACS technology involves the curvature of the pack sack and a large mesh surface to create a ventilation space between your back and the backpack. This allows warm air to escape for superior ventilation, efficient heat transport and a comfortable fit.

ACS Tight

ACS Tight features two soft back pads that sit either side of the spine to form a central ventilation panel as well as a reinforcement plate that evenly distributes the weight of the pack and protects from heavy loads. This ensures excellent ventilation, superior freedom of movement and a close contact pressure free fit.


Jack Wolfskin regularly use down fill to insulate their products for cold weather performance. It offers a great warmth to weight ratio, heat retention, compressibility, loftiness and a small pack size; making it ideal for garments and sleeping bags intended for use in cold dry weather (unless treated with water repellent technology).


DownFiber technology boasts the insulating warmth of down with the moisture resistance of synthetic fibres for versatile outdoor performance. This innovative insulation is constructed from 70% down and 30% Fibrecloud, and the loft can be customised by changing the type of down used. The 70% down is also treated to be water repellent with a PFC treatment for superior insulation in wet and damp conditions. DownFiber dries fast, has an excellent warmth to weight ratio, a small pack size, high heat retention, is moisture resistant and durable.

EDS – Ergo Dynamic System

EDS, short for Ergo Dynamic System, is a suspension system that adjusts according to the body’s movement and conditions to offer a comfortable ergonomic fit. It offers excellent performance for longer treks and adventures, and ensures that the load stays stable for unrestricted movement. It is easy to adjust to different body shapes, offers a dynamic fit and offers adjustable height for a customised fit. EDS features open ventilation channels, minimised support points, upper weight optimisation, adjustable waist belt flaps, adjustable lumbar padding and a butterfly back.


Fibercloud is a loose synthetic fibrefill insulation used across many of Jack Wolfskin’s garments. It has particularly high loft and heat retention, but is more moisture resistant than down for versatile performance in cold and wet weather. It features hollow fibres of different lengths, types and fineness with work together to form a loose fluff that is then packed into chambers where it expands to full loft for maximum effect. Fibercloud is heavier than traditional down insulation, but it is also fast drying, has hight heat retention, is moisture resistant and is durable.

Flex Motion

Flex Motion technology involves curvature of the pack sack and a large mesh surface which creates a space between the backpack and your back for superior ventilation. This ensures flexible close contact suspension, excellent freedom of movement and great insulation.


Flexcontact is a thermoformed close contact suspension system technology. It offers excellent weight distribution, freedom of movement and versatile performance. It can easily be changed to a soft pack by removing the waist belt and back plate making this technology great for all rounder backpacks.


Microguard is is a synthetic fibre interlining used in many of Jack Wolfskin’s sleeping bags and garments. It is robust and durable, moisture resistant, has a good warmth to weight ratio and available in different thicknesses for versatile multi-sport performance. They include:

Microguard Silver which features an additional layer of thin breathable fleece with metallic particles on the body contact side. These reflect body heat for better heat retention.

Microguard Maxloft which is an especially thick interlining that boasts a similar warmth to weight ratio to down and hollow fibres that trap body heat for greater heat retention.

Real Dome

Real Dome is an innovative technology used to offer excellent space and stability in Jack Wolfskin’s dome tents. It boasts Reverse Combination poles with varying diameters which meet at steeper angles to stay stable in strong winds and maximise headspace for excellent comfort. Real Dome also features DAC Fast Pitch tent component system which makes it easier and faster to pitch.

Real Tunnel

Real Tunnel is one of Jack Wolfskin’s patented technologies for tunnel tents, and it has won several awards. It boasts Combination Poles that have different diameters to make the tent stronger and more flexible at the sides and roof, triangular guying points at the foot of the pole for stability and Corner Edges in the vestibules to increase the amount of useable space. Real Tunnel technology ensures wind stability, better use of space and no need for guylines except for in exceptional circumstances.

Snuggle Up

Snuggle Up is Jack Wolfskin’s own innovative daypack suspension system. It offers a perfect fit, even load distribution and flexible padding for superior performance and comfort. It boasts a wide shoulder yoke for comfortable extra wide shoulder straps and a fully padded back and EV foam back contact surfaces for superior padding and load management.


Texapore materials are ‘hardshell’ and offer superior waterproofing and windproofing without compromising on breathability. They consist of a water repellent coated shell, a waterproof membrane or PU coating on the inside and depending on the construction also feature a smooth liner material. All Texapore fabrics are waterproof, windproof and breathable.

Texapore Air

Texapore Air is designed to deliver waterproof and windproof performance whilst remaining air permeable. This makes them dynamically breathable and extremely comfortable, and is achieved by using a microporous PU coating or membrane. This fabric is ideal for garments intended for active outdoor use.

Texapore Softshell

Texapore Softshell is waterproof, windproof, extremely breathable and stretchy; the best of both worlds between a hard and soft shell. It features a triple layer laminate with a knitted softshell outer layer, a waterproof PU membrane and a smooth jersey inner lining. It also boasts special tape that ensures fully waterproof seams. Texapore Softshell is ideal for garments intended for highly active outdoor use and is waterproof, windproof, breathable, highly flexible, smooth and comfortable next to the skin.


X-Transition is an innovative carry system that offers even weight distribution, superior comfort, excellent freedom of moevement and an adjustable back length. It boasts padded contact surfaces that offer great comfort, two aluminium struts in an X shape that direct the bulk of the load to the hips and an adjustable back length to ensure a perfect fit.

Thermozone Technology

Thermozone technology works by adding additional layers of filling to the more vulnerable parts of the body such as the head and feet. Thermozones are adapted to each model of sleeping bag and temperature range.

So there you have our comprehensive guide to Jack Wolfskin’s impressive list of technologies. Head over and check out our huge Jack Wolfskin collection now to make the most of what these innovative creations have to offer.

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