Brasher and Berghaus to “Tie the Knot” under Berghaus Name

Some surprising news reached us last week; Brasher, one of Britain’s most loved footwear brands, is to ‘join together’ with fellow UK Brand, Berghaus. The result of this will be that the Brasher brand will effectively cease to exist, and selected Brasher boots will be sold under the Berghaus name from Spring/Summer 2015 onwards.

Brasher boots will be sold under the Berghaus name from Spring/Summer 2015
Brasher boots will be sold under the Berghaus name from Spring/Summer 2015


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Zamberlan Norwegian Welted Boots


The ‘Icona’ Zamberlan Norwegian Welted boot collection is a high-end line which demonstrates the immense skill and expertise that has been passed down through generations of master bootmakers at Zamberlan, Italy. One of the oldest and most highly proven methods of boot construction, Norwegian Welting is coupled with advanced modern outsole technology to produce end products that embody the Zamberlan artisan tradition of exquisitely made, reliable and comfortable walking boots.


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Rab Launch New Backpack Range

For some time now Equip outdoor group, custodians of the hugely successful Rab brand, have refrained from taking Rab into the backpack market; seemingly due to their ownership of the primarily pack-making brands Lowe Alpine and Podsacs. Their sale of Podsacs in 2013 however, confirmed that there were changes afoot to Equip’s ‘divide and rule’ approach to outdoor kit…

Utilising the ‘typically Equip’ combination of in-house design experience and renowned Rab build-quality, a brand new pack range bearing the Rab name has been released for the Summer Season of 2014. Spanning a 70-litre expedition backpack, 35 to 55-litre Alpine packs, and a range of fast and light ‘Dynamo’ styles, the new Rab pack range can’t compete with the sheer depth of styles that Lowe Alpine offers – but more than makes up for that in quality and user-appeal.


Rab Pack Range


In their respective size and activity brackets, every new Rab pack hits the nail right on the head. And don’t just take our word for it – the team at Trail Magazine describe Rab’s first foray into backpack manufacture as “accomplished from the off”. They praised the Rab Alpine Backpack range even more highly, awarding it their coveted 5-star verdict.


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Marmot NanoPro: Hyper-Breathable Waterproofing For the Masses

This week at Webtogs, we’ve taken delivery of the latest new waterproofs from Marmot, featuring their new family of waterproof technologies – NanoPro. Within the NanoPro family there are two main technologies: NanoPro itself, an entry-level coated technology; and NanoPro MemBrain, a 2.5-layer laminate technology (membrane-based), aimed at the lightweight performance user. The gag with both NanoPro variants, is that they’ve both got an incredibly small pore structure, enabling a far greater number and density of pores to be packed into a single garment without a negative impact on waterproof performance. It’s a simple concept, but one which has a powerful effect on performance. And I’ve got the facts and figures from Marmot to prove it!

Marmot NanoPro: waterproof, windproof, highly durable; and of course, incredibly breathable, with Dynamic Air Permeability
Marmot NanoPro: waterproof, windproof, highly durable; and of course, incredibly breathable, with Dynamic Air Permeability

I’ve already posted an article on the NanoPro to the Gear Guru section of the, but in an attempt to keep it simple and easy for everyone to take in, I was forced to leave out a significant proportion of the material provided by Marmot, leaving only the essential facts (breathability and waterproof ratings, a couple of microscopic images etc.). Therefore, I’ve decided to get the full technical spec of NanoPro and NanoPro MemBrain out on the TogBlog (here), to indulge the tech geek tendencies of anyone who’s interested – or meticulous potential buyers who want to make sure they’re getting the right kit for the job! You can read the full NanoPro article on Webtogs, complete with microscopic images of NanoPro via the link below. Think of it as the slimmed-down option:


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Flooding Crisis on the Somerset Levels: How You Can Help

As a Somerset business employing staff from different parts of the county, here at Webtogs we’re aware of the impact that flooding is having on the daily lives and long-term livelihoods of Somerset residents: none more so than the stricken farmers of the Levels. We’re also incredibly thankful to have escaped the worst effects ourselves. We awoke to the news today that floodwater has breached the flood defenses in the stricken village of Moorland, causing already high water levels to rise by a further metre overnight. At the last count 80 homes in the village have had to be evacuated, inundated by water contaminated with the contents of overflowed septic tanks, blocked drains and sewers. The stress of being evicted from their homes after more than a month of enduring uncertainty, isolation and dysfunctional utilities is almost unimaginable.


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Take Note World: Rab is Awesome

Last weekend whilst discussing work with my friend Alex, I was surprised to hear that he had never heard of the brand Rab. This was very surprising to me, because of the 50+ brands we sell at Webtogs, Rab ranks second only to The North Face in terms of sales – and even then it’s a close-run thing. It’s also very much the ‘it’ brand in the market at the moment, with a rapidly expanding fan-base and amazing sell-through, not to mention the fact that it’s been around as a flag bearer of the British outdoor kit industry since the 1980s. (more…)

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Webtogs Autumn/Winter Photo Competition 2013!

I am excited to announce that in the run-up to Christmas Webtogs will be running a fortnightly photo competition! Think of it as a sort of online Webtogs advent calendar.

Every two weeks we will be releasing a theme or buzzword upon which photos are to be based. How you interpret each fortnightly theme is up to you, although they must depict, or at least be related to the great outdoors (depictions of Webtogs kit in action appreciated)! This week’s photo theme is AUTUMN. (more…)

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We’re hiring !

South West Mountain Sports – Website Content Manager

Salary – £20,000 – £25,000 dependant on experience

A fantastic opportunity has arisen in one of the UK’s leading outdoor retailers. Winner of a number of prestigious awards and currently rated as one of the most trusted companies in e-commerce. If you enjoy working in a fast paced environment where change is a constant and innovation is always round the next corner then you will fit in well here.

We are based in south Somerset where the cost of living is low and the quality of life is high. Miles of quiet lanes await the keen cyclist and just a short drive to the coast are the climbing hot spots of Swanage and Portland. For those interested in more traditional sports there is a huge choice of good Football, Rugby, Cricket and Hockey clubs with teams playing at all levels.

Essentially the role is not a million miles away from selling products on the shop floor but instead of using the spoken work you will be using the written word. You will be expected to be able to communicate the features, advantages and benefits of outdoor products in a way that can be easily understood by the customer. Fabrics, features and technologies are constantly changing and keeping our content up to date accurate and relevant is a big part of the role.

Responsible for:

  • Producing written content for our websites
  • Overseeing the Blog and our social media strategy.
  • Plan and implement email marketing strategy.
  • Attend domestic and international trade shows.

Skill Requirements:

  • Understanding of outdoor products.
  • Good creative writing skills.
  • Knowledge of the outdoor market.
  • Able to use Microsoft office applications, primarily word and excel.

Useful but not essential skills:

  • Adobe Photoshop, basic skills.
  • Understanding of search engine optimisation.
  • Experience selling outdoor products.

In return we will offer a great salary, generous holiday entitlement, cost price outdoor gear, and best of all for those of you in retail – Weekends off.

Please send a covering letter and CV to . Closing date for applications is 31st July 2013

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