Top 5 Berghaus Jackets at

Berghaus is by far one of the best selling and most trusted brands on the outdoor gear market. Founded in 1966 by experienced mountaineers and climbers Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison, Berghaus create high quality clothing and equipment geared towards the specific needs of the user so you can enjoy unrivalled performance and quality every time. Berghaus has a history of innovation and have always sold some of the best gear on the market, from importing famous brands such as SCARPA to creating their very own premium quality outdoor clothing and equipment.

Their premium quality jackets tick all the boxes whether you’re an experienced outdoor enthusiast or complete novice, so here at we decided to round up our best selling top 5 Berghaus jackets for you. From lightweight fleeces to heavier duty 3 in 1 jackets we have a Berghaus jacket for everyone.Berghaus Prism Micro Mens Fleece - Intense Blue Dusk

1. Berghaus Prism Micro Mens Fleece
This versatile mid layer fleece is perfect for layering up beneath a shell jacket or down over a t-shirt. It utilises Berghaus’ own IA attachment points allowing it to be zipped into one of Berghaus’ InterActive shells for maximum weatherproof performance. The Berghaus Prism Micro Mens Fleece features an AT Micro Fleece construction for fastdrying insulation and this versatile men’s fleece is ideal for everyday or active use.

2. Berghaus RG Gamma Long 3 in 1 Mens JacketBerghaus RG Gamma Long 3 in 1 Mens Jacket - Extreme Red Carbon
This high quality 3 in 1 jacket is designed to deliver maximum performance in rough weather conditions. It is equally at home on a cold city street or windy hillside hike and features an extremely comfortable fit thanks to the stretch binding collar and drawcord hem. It features an AQ2 waterproof shell with a AT Micro Fleece inner for unbeatable comfort and protection. These comfortable layers can be separated or zipped together to customise your level of protection and insulation to the conditions.

3. Berghaus Stormcloud Jacket Berghaus Stormcloud Mens Jacket - Dusk
This lightweight waterproof jacket is perfectly suited for active outdoor use, but will perform equally well on the streets. It is constructed from lightweight and waterproof AQ fabric for comfortable performance and protection. The simple design of this jacket offers exceptional comfort and protection but keeps weight to a minimum where speed and endurance is essential. The Berghaus Stormcloud Jacket is available in both men’s and women’s styles.

4. Berghaus Font Hoody Mens FleeceBerghaus Font Hoody Mens Fleece - Black
The Berghaus Font Hoody Mens Fleece is a lightweight mid layer fleece ideal for everyday and light active use. It features a double sided AT Micro Fleece construction with a drawcord adjustable hood and thumb loops for extended comfort and heat retention. The casual style of this comfortable hooded fleece looks and feels great in both urban and rural environments.

5. Berghaus Extrem Smoulder III Half Zip Mens Fleece
The Berghaus Extrem Smoulder III Half Zip Mens Fleece is a versatile and packable mid layer fleece Berghaus Extrem Smoulder III Half Zip Mens Fleece - Blackoffering exceptional insulation and moisture management. It is constructed from premium quality Polartec Powerdry high efficiency fabric for extended comfort and protection on any outdoor adventure. This next level fleece is perfect for layering up in mountainous weather conditions or down for the city streets. It offers exceptional performance, comfort and is easily packable wherever you take it; perfect for storing in your pack in case of emergencies.

With such a variety and superb quality in our top 5 Berghaus jackets you are sure to find one you love, or if you had something a little different in mind head over to our site and check out the rest of our premium quality Berghaus clothing for all of your outdoor and everyday pursuits.

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Haglofs Backpacks, a Century of Knowledge

Haglofs is proudly one of the older brands on the outdoor market, and with over a century worth of knowledge behind their products and innovations they produce premium quality backpacks for every user. Started in 1914 by Wictor Haglof, the company began their life making everyday backpacks. Today they still produce top quality backpacks, along with their other lines of outdoor gear, based upon their original values of superior quality, durability, attention to detail and robust constructions. It is this dedication and ethic that makes every Haglofs backpack so special. Every Haglofs backpack is designed firstly with the needs of their users in mind, so the main focus is on function and quality rather than fashion.

Here at we are proud to offer a wide range of Haglofs products including their best selling adventure and daypacks.

Haglofs Corker Medium - Storm Blue Gale BlueHaglofs Corker X Small Kids Backpack - Volcanic Pink

The Haglofs Corker is an innovative daypack designed with the everyday user in mind. It is constructed from recycled fabric and features an easy to use side door opening. This versatile daypack is great for the commute to work, back to school or exciting day trips with family. Our collection includes the Haglofs Corker Medium Backpack with a simple design and handy 18 litre capacity, as well as the Haglofs Corker X Small Kids Backpack. It features the same easy to use design as the adult version but with a smaller 5 litre capacity for your little ones.

Haglofs Miro Rugged Medium Backpack - True BlackHaglofs Miro Rugged Large Backpack - True Black

Miro and Miro Rugged
The Miro and Miro Rugged backpacks are perfect daypacks. They feature minimalist designs for ease of use and are ideal for everyday use and short trips. The Haglofs Miro Medium Backpack is the ultimate everyday backpack with a clean design and full DWR treatment for durability. It is constructed from HD Oxford Polyamide fabric and has a handy 20 litre capacity with enough room to fit most 15 inch laptops; perfect for work. The Miro Rugged Large Backpack is slightly bigger than the Miro Medium Backpack. This pack is perfect for day to day use that requires a better defence against wear and tear. It is constructed from a robust brushed Oxford Polyester fabric. With a larger 25 litre capacity, the Miro Rugged Large Backpack is ideal for bigger scale excursions.

Haglofs Tight Rugged 15in Backpack - True BlackHaglofs Tight Medium Backpack - Gale BlueHaglofs Tight Large Backpack - Magnetite DynamiteHaglofs Tight X Large Backpack - True Black

Haglofs Tight backpacks have long been some of their best selling products, and with an adventure ready design it isn’t hard to see why. These backpacks are designed for action packed adventures with a rugged construction and plenty of attachments for all of your gear. They feature detachable ice axe loops, thermoformed back panels, teardrop shaped front and side panels and are available in varying sizes. Our collection includes the Haglofs Tight Rugged 15in Backpack, the Haglofs Tight Medium Backpack, the Haglofs Tight Large Backpack and the huge Haglofs Tight X Large Backpack. These exciting adventure packs are perfect for everything from short hiking adventures to lengthy expeditions and are fully kitted out for comfort and durability.

Now that you have a taste of what Haglofs backpacks have to offer, check out the rest of our Haglofs outdoor gear for everything you need from your morning commute to epic adventures.

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Move over Gore-Tex, Core Construction Technology has landed

Is outdoor gear about to get a huge makeover? It certainly looks that way with all of the buzz surrounding the latest advancement in technical construction from small Colorado- based brand Voormi. Granted, Voormi isn’t one of the biggest names in the outdoor gear world and unless you’re a hardcore skier or snowboarder you’re unlikely to have heard of them; but Voormi could be the name on everybody’s lips pretty soon with their new Core Construction Technology.

Voormi Mountain Range

Core Construction Technology is set to overtake some of the most popular technologies, like Gore-Tex, in the near future. So here’s what you need to know. This new technology has allowed Voormi to create a single layer waterproof, supple, comfortable and breathable fabric. Unlike traditional waterproof membranes such as Gore-Tex which are laminated or coated onto another layer of fabric, Core Construction Technology knits around and into the membrane with yarn to create a single layer waterproof textile with a membrane at the core. They then reconstitute the membrane after the knitting stage so that the waterproof integrity of the membrane is not compromised.

Voormi Core Technology Cross Section

But that’s not all. Voormi claim that they can even adjust the properties of the membrane, attributable to the size of the pores, to suit different garments and applications. They also suggest that their Core Construction Technology will work with any membrane, not just waterproof ones, potentially allowing them to completely revolutionise the way that all outerwear is made. However, for now Core Construction Technology is still in the fairly early stages and is only available to buy direct from Voormi in a range of three garments.

Voormi Core Technology in action

This hooded merino wool pullover incorporates Core Construction technology to be extremely lightweight, comfortable and wind and water resistant.

The DRIFT HYDRO is an extremely lightweight softshell jacket with a water resistant membrane as well as a thermal insulation layer inside for high performance warmth and weatherproofing all in one lightweight garment.

AN/FO 3.0 Concept Jacket
The AN/FO 3.0 Concept Jacket is a ski jacket built with a Core Construction Technology liner that is laminated to their own
patent pending Surface Hardened fabric.

For the time being you can only enjoy Core Construction Technology by purchasing one of these three garments from Voormi themselves, but with plans to license the technology to other larger companies you are certain to see the ingenious technology on shelves across the world in no time. Here at we get a feeling that is just the beginning for Voormi and their Core Construction Technology, and from where we stand the future of outdoor gear looks set to change forever.

In the mean time, check out our range of outdoor clothing and accessories and get kitted out for all of your outdoor adventures.

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New Keen Shoes and Sandals at Webtogs

Get ready for Spring/Summer 2015 with all new Keen shoes and sandals at Whether you’re heading abroad on an adventure holiday or simply going to make the most of the great British summer with local walks and hikes; you’re going to want to try out our brand new Keen shoes and sandals. Keen is one of the biggest names in outdoor footwear, and they have built an impressive reputation for themselves with a string of innovative technologies and clever materials used in the construction of their famously high quality shoes.Keen Newport H2 Mens Sandals Raven Aluminium

The first addition to our collection of new Keen shoes and sandals is the adventure ready Keen Newport H2 Mens Sandals in Raven Aluminium. These summer essentials feature a hydrophobic mesh lining as well as Keen Protect technology, the outsole comes up to cover and protect the toes, making them perfect for any Keen Whisper Womens Sandals Alaskan Blue Neutral Greynumber of summer activities whether it’s sailing, hiking or heading to the beach. Or alternatively for women we have the outstanding Keen Whisper Womens Sandals now available in attractive Alaskan Blue and Neutral Grey for stand out style. These stylish sandals feature a hydrophobic mesh lining making them perfect for water based summer activities such as sailing or paddling. They also feature the innovative new secure fit lace capture system making achieving a comfortable fit is easy with quick adjustments on the go.

However if you’re heading on an action packed adventure we now have the Keen Targhee II Mens Walking Shoes in Shitake Keen Targhee II Mens Walking Shoes Shitake Bossa NovaBossa Nova. These shoes are prepared for any conditions that Mother Nature throws at you thanks to their Keen Dry breathable waterproof membrane and nubuck leather upper. Rain or shine, you can enjoy the outdoors thanks to these versatile shoes. As you can see we have some exciting new additions to our collection of Keen shoes and sandals, so please take a look and check them out for adventure ready footwear for spring and summer 2015.

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TurboDown – Columbia Jackets on Steroids

TurboDown 1Staying warm and comfortable throughout the colder seasons can be quite the challenge if your outerwear is not up to the job of defending you against the harsh winter elements; many products claim to offer adequate protection when in reality, they fail in some of the simplest of tasks. Columbia is not that brand, and their collection of jackets, mid layers and clothing take the job of protection seriously and offer nothing short of excellent in everything they do. Their latest feature to take the outerwear world by storm is the superb TurboDown technology, which promises so much more than its rivals.

Used in a collection of jackets and vests, TurboDown is an innovative creation from Columbia which makes use of its existing technology and new developments. Layering their industry leading Omni-Heat Thermal Insulation with down has created a fabric that’s not only warm, but performance enhanced; this is then given additional warmth and protection with the Omni-Heat Reflective lining which uses tiny silver dots to reflect heat back towards the body. The result is the ultimate in both comfort and warmth with the protection that outdoor enthusiasts need, or as Columbia describe it, like a down jacket on steroids but completely legal.

TurboDown 3TurboDown 2

Technology such as TurboDown will attract attention from the name alone, but while it sounds impressive and reads equally as enticing, does it translate as different or better in practise? The answer is quite simply, yes. Very few jackets and brands manage to pack serious levels of heat into a jacket without adding size and weight to the product, but the Columbia TurboDown Jackets are ultimately a lightweight example of how water resistant active wear can be better in every way.

Available at a little over £100, the Columbia TurboDown Jackets are in stock now at Get yours in time for winter and enjoy some of the best quality, warmth and comfort available on the market.

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