New Merrell Autumn/Winter 2014 Season Footwear

Just in time for the colder seasons Merrell have launched their latest seasonal shoes and boots collection which sees some favourites mixed in with new models but all feature a slightly darker overall colouring due to the slick and rugged oiled leather uppers the majority of them feature.  Many of the new and enhanced designs both include exclusive Merrell technical fabrics and components like their M-Select series, Air Cushion system and the versatile Remember Me Foam footbeds which have been updated for greater comfort and support or alternatively well-known brand components like GORE-TEX and Vibram soles; either way these new Merrell Autumn/Winter 2014 Season footwear collection is one here at Webtogs we’re pretty excited about.

Merrell Moab Rover Footwear

Merrell MoabLet’s start with a design that’s practically a classic: the Merrell Moab.  The versatility of this design is what makes it so successful as not only do you often have multi-purpose footwear in each one but there is a variation for every season or occasion so as well.  The models include the bestselling Moc for casual everyday wear; the low-profile shoe for summer walks and treks and the mid-height boot for tougher hikes and trails in colder weather meaning everyone can enjoy the Moab style throughout the year and now with stylish oily leather uppers.

Merrell Annex Mens Walking Shoes

Merrell Annex 63992-500-1The Merrell Annex shoes are a new design which has a modern styling with the intention of them being worn both on and off the trail yet are packed with features and technologies that make each pair quite formidable walking footwear.  Besides the standard Annex shoe there is a GORE-TEX version which gives greater waterproof protection but both models have the same supportive and comfortable midsole and footbed constructions, anti-odour treatment and the oiled leather upper construction that most of this range uses for water and abrasion resistance.


Merrell All Out Blaze Shoes

Merrell All OUt 63999-large1If you prefer an active outdoor sporting shoe then the Merrell All Out Blaze Shoes are perfect with a very light construction and plenty of flexibility for a more natural feel while the UniFly cushioning system makes the shoes responsive, supportive and helps to activate your muscles with every footstrike.  These will provide lasting comfort enabling you to go further for longer and even have technologies seen in the rest of the collection like M-Select FRESH, waterproof oily leather uppers and a Vibram soles too all in an athletic sport shoe design.


Merrell Azura Womens Walking Shoes

Merrell Azura 64010-large1The Merrell Azura shoes are a bestseller for a reason; stylish with a number of features making them ideal for all kinds of treks and trails in a lightweight construction and this season not only are they available in two different versions; a standard waterproof nubuck leather version with M-Select GRIP or one with a GORE-TEX liner for greater moisture protection and the addition of Winter Compound for snow and ice conditions but also feature the oiled leather look that makes all of these new footwear so distinctive yet obviously Merrell in design.

You may be looking for a higher and more fashionable ladies boot style but with all of the reliable technical features you would expect to find in a high-performance outdoor hiking shoe so no matter where you walk in the colder weather; around town or on a woodland trail the Merrell Dewbrook and Merrell Captiva Boots are perfect.

Also if you want something a bit more casual looking if you prefer a laid back style or just want a decent pair of shoes for everyday life that have lasting comfort and support try the Merrell Traveler Shoes, Traveler WTPF Boots or the Merrell Helixer Trainers instead.  All of these from the new Merrell Autumn/Winter 2014 Season footwear collection are available with us at Webtogs.

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Jack Wolfskin, Salomon and more New Brands at Webtogs

We always aim to bring you the best outdoor gear from all the best manufacturers and brands and at the best prices which is why recently here at Webtogs a number of well-known and diverse names have been added to our roster.  It’s always exciting to have the privilege of being approved for stocking products of brands new to us; even more so when we have a number of different types in one go.


Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin are a name well known amongst experienced outdoor enthusiasts having over three decades worth of experience in making high quality outdoor clothing such as jackets, tops, pants, headwear and shorts; plus footwear, rucksacks and handy accessories like water bottles, walking socks and more.  The extensive range of Jack Wolfskin outdoor gear covers every kind of activity from a simple short walk to braving a mountain trail as their aim has always been to get everyone out and exploring the wilderness whatever their ability or favoured type trail by being as comfortable as possible and you can find their premium products with us at Webtogs.

Also now at Webtogs are the bestselling footwear brand Salomon who since 1947 have specialised in durable technical hiking boots, shoes and sandals for hikers, climbers, trail runners and everyone who likes to take a walk outside.  The Salomon designs are stylish fairly distinct as shown in their popular 4D GTX boots collection and the entire range features the pinnacle of footwear technology such as Vibram outsoles, OrthoLite footbeds and GORE-TEX lining and constructions so that they can take on the terrain and climate conditions so you stay comfortable and supported.

We’ve also acquired brands that produce accessories and equipment that make adventures in the wilderness much easier such as Pure Hydration and Water To Go who produce canteens and water bottles designed to allow you to drink more safely plus BioLite who make compact and highly effective stoves that merely require small amounts of biomass to ignite a contained fire that will cook and charge electronic devices.  Other brands include Extremities with their range of gloves, socks and headwear that work to keep your appendages and head warm and dry without losing any flexibility at all and Buff who have quite simply created the most versatile range of garments around that can be used as everything from a balaclava, to a neck scarf and even a wrist band.

So please take a look at the great new brands and products we have for even more options for making any journey into the outdoors much more comfortable and enjoyable so you can focus on the trail ahead.

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Brasher and Berghaus to “Tie the Knot” under Berghaus Name

Some surprising news reached us last week; Brasher, one of Britain’s most loved footwear brands, is to ‘join together’ with fellow UK Brand, Berghaus. The result of this will be that the Brasher brand will effectively cease to exist, and selected Brasher boots will be sold under the Berghaus name from Spring/Summer 2015 onwards.

Brasher boots will be sold under the Berghaus name from Spring/Summer 2015
Brasher boots will be sold under the Berghaus name from Spring/Summer 2015


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How to look after leather walking boots.

Leather boots need more looking after then most, so it’s key to make sure that you take care of them – unless you want to be replacing your boots each year. If you leave your boots too long, every time they take a step you’ll be grinding dirt further in to the leather. This then has an effect of a grater, destroying the leather until it splits or cracks. Mud also sucks any moisture out of the leather leaving it old and tired.

All is not lost though, just follow our simple guide and your leather boots will serve you for many years becoming best friends with your feet. If there is just one simple thing we would like you to remember when you have bought from us it’s this.

Never ever forget to clean them!!!!

If you’re too tired on the day having just got back from the Aanoch Eagach or some other monster day out, just clean them the next day. Just don’t forget to clean them!

Muddy BootsStep 1) Clean

  • Take your laces off your boot and take out the insoles too.
  • Wash the outside with a gentle brush to get rid of all the mud. Make sure the brush is soft and gentle – no wire brushes please.
  • Every couple of weeks rinse the inside of the boot as well. You might think that’s a bit strange, but the reason goretex linings sometimes fail is because of dirt that gets in to the boot. That dirt then punctures the Goretex from the inside of the boot as it’s forced by your feet in to the lining. Warm water is the best when cleaning, but don’t worry if you’ve only got cold.
  • Don’t be tempted to use anything like washing up liquid or any other detergent as they leave traces that end up attracting water and leaving a residue.

Step 2 ) Dry

  • Under no circumstances use heat to dry them. That means no airing cupboards, radiators, camp fires or hairdriers people. You’ll weaken both the leather uppers and any glue that’s been used in making your boots.
  • Leave your boots to dry naturally with the insoles out.
  •  If you have to dry them quickly stuff them full of newspaper (we prefer the Western Gazette….) and be sure to change paper every couple of hours.
  • Dry them upside down for the quickest results.
  • Store them at room temperature.

Most of the time these steps will be enough, but sometimes your boots will need a little more care. If your boot is not beading water properly on the outside, you will need to reproof it. We recommend Nikwax as the best solution . Don’t attempt to reproof your boots however until you have cleaned them, it doesn’t work if they’re dirty and you’ll just be grinding that dirt back in to the leather.

Step 3 ) Reproof 

  • With leather boots the wetter they are, the better the application will take. Nikwax say that you can apply their reproofing to both wet and dry but they think wet does a better job. If you have just come back from a soggy walk and have cleaned your boots it’s probably the best time you can do it!
  • Apply liberally and make sure it gets in to all welts and seam.
  • Pay special attention to the seams as these are your boots weak points – particularly the join between sole and upper.
  • After 2 minutes, remove surplus with a cloth and allow to dry before use.

As your boots get older they naturally lose some of the moisture that they have within them. After cleaning and reproofing you might notice that the leather feels dry or it may even be starting to crack, it may also look grey and discoloured as well. Left like this it could well cause long term damage to your boots. When your boots get like this, you need a conditioner to help bring moisture back to the leather. We would recommend Nikwax conditioner. It works well with breathable linings such as Goretex & eVent and it’s majorly friendly to the environment too. It also helps restore boots that you think may actually be past it.

Step 4 ) Condition Looking new again!
  • The conditioning treatment works best with wet leather so make sure you have followed step 1 to clean above.
  • Apply liberally and make sure it gets in to all welts and seam.
  • Polish any left overs off after a couple of minutes.


And there you have it. Follow these top tips and your leather boots will give you years of happy use yomping the hills. If you’ve got any boot care tips or questions fire away in the comments below!


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