Webtog Blog – don’t worry, we’re still here!

We realised yesterday over our morning coffee meeting that we haven’t actually been updating our blog in a long time. Shame on us! Apologies for that – it’s been a hectic time are at Baa HQ with signing up many new brands to come on board and receive shipments of the next line of stock for Winter.

Needless to say there is a lot to talk about and we want to get this blog rolling again with insightful views and experience sharing from our side and yours too.

Right – time to hit the whiteboard!

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The North Face comes to Webtogs

The North Face

Well, James spent pretty much all weekend putting our brand new first batch of gear live from The North Face. We’re ecstatic about getting these guys live as it’s not every day they approve a new ecommerce retailer to sell their range.

As a bit of background, the North Face brand was established in sunny San Francisco in 1968. The name was chosen as the north face of any mountain is usually the most difficult to climb and this helped reflect the fact that their gear is designed to cope with even the toughest terrain. You may not also know that they have a sibling in “Jansport” which is one of the world’s largest backpack makers.

We’ve got a good starter selection of products online and in-stock now, encompassing the hugely popular North Face jackets and North Face trousers / shorts.

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