How To Sleep Like A King Outdoors

Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor lifestyle enthusiast or you’ve only just started to dip your toes into the endless ocean of opportunity that is the great outdoors we’ve all suffered at the hand of a poorly planned out sleeping area. Going to bed with a full bladder, not checking that the surface you’ve chosen to pitch is completely flat or tossing all order to the wind and heading out without a pillow; these are all common and easy to make mistakes.

So, are there a set of rules that will always guarantee a great nights sleep outdoors? How do the experts do it? Is sleeping comfortably outdoors something that is reserved soley for the likes of cinema, books and fairytales?

Yes, we assume practise makes perfect and no. Thanks to the genius’ over at Thermarest we can all now rest well outdoors. Say hello to their latest little lifesaver; The Sleeping Well Outdoors Infographic. Follow these simple rules and you’re pretty much guaranteed to be snug, as a bug in a rug, even in the Great Outdoors.

12 Essential Tips For Sleeping Well In The Outdoors


There you have it, 12 simple steps that you can take for an amazing nights sleep. As you can see Thermarest have the experience, passion and knowledge that drives them to create great products and offer us life saving tips. If you’d really like to sleep like a King outdoors, check out our full range of Thermarest Gear and utilise the clever tips in this useful infographic.








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Top 10 tips to stop your camping trip becoming a nightmare in canvas.

We’re all fairly avid campers here at Webtogs, camping year round in some fairly gnarly conditions. We’ve been round the block a few times, so for those of you dusting off your tent for your first spot of camping for the year, we asked everyone in the office for their top tip for camping. This isn’t a guide to tents – we’ll cover that in another post, but this is our holy grail of must do’s and don’ts that have been learnt the hard way when heading under canvas.

Spot of wind anyone?
Nightmare in Canvas…..

Keith – “Make sure you know how to put your tent up. Pitching before you head off is a great idea to ensure you don’t struggle when you get to the campsite or out in the wilds. Read the instructions, despite my experience, I always read new tent pitching instructions as they all differ very slightly”

Charlie – “If you have used your tent previously, make sure you check it to ensure it has all it’s pegs, guylines and any repairs have been made. You don’t want to get to the campsite to remember that you have the rip in your tent from last year where someone trod on it nipping to the loo.”

Gareth – “Have a list of everything you need to take camping with you and make sure you check it off. We’ve got a list of basics that we make sure we have for each trip”  We’ve included it here as a text file, and is based on a spot of family car camping (basics only), so feel free to do with it as you will and tweak it based on whats important for you for a good time.

Matt – “Don’t crack out the beers straight away, pitch your tent fully and make sure someone hangs on the tent at all times when windy! Don’t be tempted to leave the guy lines as when the wind hits, you’ll be the guy chasing his tent down the campsite”

Blissful camping
Blissful camping

Sue – “Don’t pitch on a slope or in a hollow, if you pitch on a slope be prepared to roll on top of one another, or get a headache if your head is downhill. If you pitch in a hollow, you could be paddling in your tent, as that’s where the water will collect.

Ross – “If you are sleeping anywhere near me, you’ll need ear plugs to get to sleep with my snoring. Keep a pair handy for noisy campsites / neighbours / freinds”

Mike “Get organised in your tent, the last thing you want to do is try and find your teddy bear with no light and you can’t remember where your torch is. Have a place for everything and keep it vaguely tidy”

Lucy – “Make sure nothing is touching the outside of the tent as that will bring water in through the flysheet, keep your inner tent away from the fly as well.”

Jon – “Aim to pitch two hours before you think you should, trust me, those to hours will dissapear.”

These are just our top tips for camping, we would love to hear what yours are in the comments below, have we missed anything? What would you have as your one critical tip when camping?

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