How To Sleep Like A King Outdoors

Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor lifestyle enthusiast or you’ve only just started to dip your toes into the endless ocean of opportunity that is the great outdoors we’ve all suffered at the hand of a poorly planned out sleeping area. Going to bed with a full bladder, not checking that the surface you’ve chosen to pitch is completely flat or tossing all order to the wind and heading out without a pillow; these are all common and easy to make mistakes.

So, are there a set of rules that will always guarantee a great nights sleep outdoors? How do the experts do it? Is sleeping comfortably outdoors something that is reserved soley for the likes of cinema, books and fairytales?

Yes, we assume practise makes perfect and no. Thanks to the genius’ over at Thermarest we can all now rest well outdoors. Say hello to their latest little lifesaver; The Sleeping Well Outdoors Infographic. Follow these simple rules and you’re pretty much guaranteed to be snug, as a bug in a rug, even in the Great Outdoors.

12 Essential Tips For Sleeping Well In The Outdoors


There you have it, 12 simple steps that you can take for an amazing nights sleep. As you can see Thermarest have the experience, passion and knowledge that drives them to create great products and offer us life saving tips. If you’d really like to sleep like a King outdoors, check out our full range of Thermarest Gear and utilise the clever tips in this useful infographic.








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First Look – Rab New Season

Rab Cover


Here at we are lucky to have been given a sneak peek of Rab’s new season stock. Without giving too much away, we wanted to give you a little teaser of the exciting things to come. Rab’s new season stock is an extensive range of premium quality outdoor clothing and equipment, but we’ve picked out the key products that we think demonstrate the huge potential and quality of this highly anticipated collection.

Without further ado, our first look at the Rab new season stock.

Vapour-Rise One Jacket

The Rab Vapour-Rise One Jacket is a lightweight and breathable jacket that is perfect for multi-sport use. This high performance jacket boasts a Pertex Equilibrium outer fabric, YKK zippers and a soft micro fleece lining.

Firewall Pants

The Firewall Pants are stretch waterproof pants designed for year round active use. They boast a new and exciting fabric construction, more details are to follow upon release, and durable YKK AquaGuard zippers.

Firewall Jacket

The Firewall Jacket also features the new fabric and is designed for high performance use. It features a stretch design, YKK AquaGuard zippers and an innovative venting system for comfortable active use.

Interval Long Sleeve Tee

The Rab Interval Long Sleeve Tee is a lightweight and fast drying pull on for multi-sport use. It boasts a lightweight 100% polyester fabric construction, Stay Fresh polygiene odour control technology and a YKK zipper.

Alchemy Jacket

The Alchemy Jacket is a moisture wicking and fast drying fleece jacket designed for comfortable active use. It features Polartec Power Grid fabric, Stay Fresh odour control technology and YKK zippers.

Alpine Bivi

The Alpine Bivi is a minimalist, lightweight, breathable and waterproof one person bivi. It features eVent waterproof fabric and a mummy shape to fit a technical sleeping bag.

As you can see, exciting things are to come from Rab’s new season collection. We eagerly await this new season arrival, but in the mean time if you’re interested in seeing what the rest of Rab’s outstanding outdoor clothing and equipment has to offer check out our extensive collection of Rab Clothing and Equipment.

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Tentsile Tree Tents – Because the World is not Flat

Here at we are proud to now stock an exciting range of products from one of the biggest brands of the moment; Tentsile.

Conceived in 1993, Tentsile aim their products at those who want to experience more of the outdoors. They started with an idea; to create a portable tree house with three anchor points and a spider’s web like structure, fast forward a few years later add some hard work and learning curves and here they are. Rugged, versatile, innovative, unique; the list goes on. A stunning example of zero impact architectural design these tents thrive in almost any environment to offer a deeper connection with nature and a stunning view as well as protection from ground dwelling insects and predators. They boast the versatility and comfort of a hammock with all the security and protection of a ground tent.

Suspend and equalize your tent between three anchor points such as trees, boulders and other large objects. Then just enjoy the unique, close to nature and comfortable experience of these versatile tents without leaving a mark where you pitch. They produce high quality accessories to maximise your experience and that even you to increase the size of your tent and create a suspended communal living space. Rethink the way you connect with nature with Tentsile tree tents.


Tentsile Vista Tree TentTentsile Vista Tree Tent 2

Tentsile Vista Tree Tent
This versatile 3 person tent features the most open design of all of their tents allowing the most natural outdoor experience. This allows it to be accessed via the central hatch door or any of the sides, and although this is not ideal in heavy rain the corners of the fly sheet can be pegged outwards to add greater rain protection. It features a spacious triple hammock floor, a removable flysheet roof and a tear resistant insect mesh that can also be used as a dry shelf for storage. With a set up time of just 15 minutes this tent offers the ultimate close to nature experience.

Tentsile Connect Tree TentTentsile Connect Tree Tent 2

Tentsile Connect Tree Tent

The Connect is the lightest and cheapest tent in their range. It sleeps two people and features an outstanding easy to use design that allows you to pitch it easily even in tight spaces. All you need is three anchor points, usually large objects such as trees, and you’re ready to get close to nature. You could easily convert this into a three person tent by simply adding a hammock beneath and set up with other connect tree tents it is easy to create a large suspended super camp. It features a removable flysheet which can be pegged outwards for added rain protection, a lightweight yet rugged construction, four entry points, a full insect mesh top and a super quick set up time of just 10 minutes.

Tentsile Stingray Tree TentTentsile Stingray Tree Tent 2


Tentsile Stingray Tree Tent

The Stingray is arguably Tentsile’s most versatile three person tent. Easily converted into a six person communal living space with the addition of two triple hammocks it offers the ultimate outdoor experience. Similar to the Vista this premium quality tent features a 15 minute set up time but it is more rugged. It is accessed via the large front door or central hatch and can offer added rain protection when the removable rainfly is pegged outwards. Versatile, rugged and innovative combine several Vista’s and triple hammocks to create an exciting outdoor living space for a closer than ever experience to nature.

Tentsile Lightweight Webbing Ladders for Tree TentTentsile Lightweight Webbing Ladders for Tree Tent 2

Tentsile Lightweight Webbing Ladders for Tree Tent

The Tentsile Lightweight Webbing Ladders for Tree Tent is an essential accessory for gravity defying camping. If you’re looking for an even more unique and exciting camping experience or better protection from ground dwelling predators you’re going to want to set your tent up higher, and you’re going to need this lightweight and rugged ladder for easy access to your tent. Constructed from 25mm polyester webbing it weighs just 220g and comes with its own storage pouch. Simply click it into place with the two ‘quick link’ carabiners and you have a 6ft ladder for safer and easier access to your tree tent.

Tentsile Drinks Holder for Tree Tent


Tenstile Drinks Holder for Tree Tent

Constructed from the same rugged insect mesh used in their tents this drinks holder is a great accessory for camping. It fits in place of the central hatch door via Velcro tabs and can be easily fitted or removed. It’s perfect for safely storing drinks in your tent, you could even remove your rainfly and have a beer under the starlit sky with friends.

As you can see Tentsile have brought their A game to the outdoor market and sparked a unique new way to enjoy the outdoors. Could this be the reinvention of camping? To see the rest of their innovative and inspiring gear check out the rest of our Tentsile collection.

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The Festival Edit; Be Prepared

Festival season is fast approaching so it’s time to get ready! Whether you’re heading to a music festival or walking festival and come rain or shine having the right gear will ensure that nothing gets in the way of you having a good time. So to help inspire you to be prepared here at we have decided to do a roundup of our essential festival gear.


Marmot Limestone 4 Person Tent


Marmot Limestone 4 Person Tent

Taking a tent to a multi-day festival is a no brainer, but the quality of the tent is something that is often taken for granted. This tent from Marmot is ideal for festival use thanks to its spacious size, easy to pitch design and robust design. It features high quality DAC DA17 colour coded poles as well as ‘Easy Pitch’ clips on the canopy allowing you to put it up quickly and efficiently. It’s constructed from rugged and weather resistant fabrics so you can get a good night’s sleep whatever the weather; that is if you aren’t up all night dancing.



Snugpak Softie 5 Kestrel Sleeping Bag


Snugpak Softie 6 Kestrel Sleeping Bag

Convenient and comfortable the Snugpak Softie 6 Kestrel Sleeping Bag is perfect for festivals. With a small pack size and comfortable temperature rating of 0°C and an extreme temperature rating of -5°C you can enjoy a good night’s sleep whatever the weather. It features a reinforced foot and rugged construction so it can take a bit of rough handling when you return to your tent in the middle of the night slightly tipsy and it even comes with its own compression sack for carrying.



Helinox Chair One Trek Chair

Helinox Chair One Trek Chair

You need someone to kick back and relax in between gigs or walks so you’re going to need a comfortable camping chair. Super compact, lightweight and comfortable the Helinox One Trek Chair is the only camping chair you need this festival season. It is lightweight and won’t take up space in your car on the journey there thanks to the included stuff sack. Despite the lightweight design this camping chair is exceptionally rugged and can hold a weight of up to 145kg. The Helinox One Trek Chair is even easy to put up for when you’re in a rush to see your favourite performer thanks to the self locating shock cord technology.



Life Systems Mosquito Smoke Coils 10 Pack Insect Repellent


Life Systems Mosquito Smoke Coils 10 Pack Insect Repellent

Wherever you are camping summer is prime mosquito and biting insect season, and the last thing you want is to be relentlessly bitten throughout the night and be itching for the rest of your trip. The Lifesystems Mosquito Smoke Coils 10 Pack Insect Repellent are easy to use and will repel midges, mosquitos and other biting insects. Each individual coil offers up to 8 hours protection and when lit releases smoke and an active insect repellent to naturally deter irritating flying insects.




LifeVenture Dry Wash 100ml Travel Soap


LifeVenture Dry Wash 100ml Travel Soap

Festivals are notorious for the inability to shower for days but with the LifeVenture Dry Wash 100ml Travel Soap you can still keep yourself clean. Dermatologically tested, antibacterial and easy to use with a pop up lid this travel soap is perfect for freshening up when you’ve been walking and jumping about all day. It even contains a soothing aloe vera extract and evapourates as you are using it; perfect when you don’t have access to a shower.




Life Systems Active 40 200ml Sun Protection



Life Systems Active 40 200ml Sun Protection
Whichever festival you are heading to this year you’re likely to be outside in the sun for long periods of time, save yourself discomfort and disappointment later by using a high quality, high factor suncream. The Life Systems Active 40 200ml Sun Protection is factor 40 and effective against UVA and UVB. It is extremely water and sweat resistant; ideal for when you’re dancing and walking all day long.




LifeVenture Waist Body Wallet


LifeVenture Waist Body Wallet
If you’re buying your food there and stopping to get beers all day you’ll be wanting to carry your cash or card, and when you’re in lard crowds of people it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you drop your money or its pocketed you will likely not notice until it’s too late; this is where the LifeVenture Waist Body Wallet comes in. Discreet and comfortable it can be worn beneath your jacket or top around your waist to prevent theft and cash falling out of your pockets. It also features a moisture wicking fabric on the rear for comfortable next to skin wear all day long.




Life Systems Intensity 220 Torch



Life Systems Intensity 220 Torch
Finding your tent in amongst 100s of others in the dark isn’t easy so taking a compact and bright torch with you will save you getting lost after the gig. The Life Systems Intensity 220 Torch is the perfect pocket torch for festivals and features a brightness level of 220 lumens and up to 52 hours battery life. It also features a handy strap to wear around your wrist or attach to a rucksack.





Biolite Camp Stove


Biolite Camp Stove

Last but not least if you’re cooking all your own food or making a cup of tea at your next festival you will need a high quality stove. The Biolite Camp Stove is high quality and only requires dry biomass, such as sticks, to be burned as fuel saving you a tonne of pack space. You can even use it to charge your electronic devices such as your camera or mobile phone via the USB port as you wait for the kettle to boil. This handy little camp stove is the ultimate in convenience.




As you can see carrying the right gear will help prevent any little mishaps that might ruin your festival weekend and help you to create your own home away from home. If we’ve inspired you to get prepared; check out the rest of our outdoor gear collection. What essentials would you take with you?

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Easy outdoor cooking with Biolite Stoves

Biolite StoveWe all know that preparing food and heating drinks in the outdoors isn’t always the easiest thing either by having to carry around heavy cooking equipment like gas canisters or searching for the right biomass materials to start a fire with, plus after a long day hiking you just want to relax and eat.  Here at Webtogs we have the innovative Biolite Stoves which are designed to not only make cooking meals and drinks really easy but lighter to carry and have a few other handy features too.

The Biolite Camp Stove cooking system is comparatively lightweight and only requires a small amount of renewable biomass such as sticks and twigs to be effective as each unit is built with an internal thermoelectric generator which powers a heat regulating fan for greater efficiency.  There are optional attachments for the Biolite such as the Grille Cook Attachment system which provides a greater surface area to cook food on and there is also a Biolite Kettle Pot that perfectly fits the unit so you can make hot drinks, boil water or heat up soup with very little hassle.  On average it takes four and a half minutes to boil a litre of water using 46 grams of wood.


Unlike standard camping cooking equipment the Biolite Stoves also create electricity from their thermoelectric generators which is connectedBiolite-Kettle-Pot-for-Cooking-System to a USB port so is able to charge most electronic devices that are compatible.  It will approximately take twenty minutes to charge an iPhone 4S for 60 minutes of talking time for example so in an emergency you will have enough power for your devices if required.  So if you want an easy way to prepare food and drink on your latest adventure these Biolite Stoves and Biolite accessories available online now at Webtogs are perfect.

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Jack Wolfskin, Salomon and more New Brands at Webtogs

We always aim to bring you the best outdoor gear from all the best manufacturers and brands and at the best prices which is why recently here at Webtogs a number of well-known and diverse names have been added to our roster.  It’s always exciting to have the privilege of being approved for stocking products of brands new to us; even more so when we have a number of different types in one go.


Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin are a name well known amongst experienced outdoor enthusiasts having over three decades worth of experience in making high quality outdoor clothing such as jackets, tops, pants, headwear and shorts; plus footwear, rucksacks and handy accessories like water bottles, walking socks and more.  The extensive range of Jack Wolfskin outdoor gear covers every kind of activity from a simple short walk to braving a mountain trail as their aim has always been to get everyone out and exploring the wilderness whatever their ability or favoured type trail by being as comfortable as possible and you can find their premium products with us at Webtogs.

Also now at Webtogs are the bestselling footwear brand Salomon who since 1947 have specialised in durable technical hiking boots, shoes and sandals for hikers, climbers, trail runners and everyone who likes to take a walk outside.  The Salomon designs are stylish fairly distinct as shown in their popular 4D GTX boots collection and the entire range features the pinnacle of footwear technology such as Vibram outsoles, OrthoLite footbeds and GORE-TEX lining and constructions so that they can take on the terrain and climate conditions so you stay comfortable and supported.

We’ve also acquired brands that produce accessories and equipment that make adventures in the wilderness much easier such as Pure Hydration and Water To Go who produce canteens and water bottles designed to allow you to drink more safely plus BioLite who make compact and highly effective stoves that merely require small amounts of biomass to ignite a contained fire that will cook and charge electronic devices.  Other brands include Extremities with their range of gloves, socks and headwear that work to keep your appendages and head warm and dry without losing any flexibility at all and Buff who have quite simply created the most versatile range of garments around that can be used as everything from a balaclava, to a neck scarf and even a wrist band.

So please take a look at the great new brands and products we have for even more options for making any journey into the outdoors much more comfortable and enjoyable so you can focus on the trail ahead.

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Keith’s cycle & camp from John O’Groats to Lands End – Stage 1

Our MD Keith is well in to the first week of his epic trip  cycling from John O’Groats to Lands End, camping as he goes. He began riding on Sunday 20th May and since then he has done 300 miles, 14370 feet of ascent, 0 midge bites, 27 near death misses by caravans, has a bit of sunburn, less fat and a good sweat pong!

He’s doing it all in aid of the Alzheimers society, which works to improve the quality of life of people affected by dementia in the UK. Keith’s a prop forward so cycling a 1000 miles isn’t going to be easy for him…. If you would like to support him he would be absolutely made up,  just click here to visit his Just Giving page.

He hit Loch Ness last night after cycling down through Glen Coe yesterday and sent a long update with photos of his journey so far. True to his word, he’s kept it hardcore and hasn’t stopped in to a B & B yet, camping or wild camping all the way……

more John O'Groats

hitting the road south

near Stac Mor

Wades Military Road - great riding

Bridge to Inverness

Canal Tow Path

Camping in Glen Coe

Buchaille Etive Mor

Long Climb - Loch Ness in the distance.

As soon as we get any more updates, we’ll put them up here. If you’ve got any questions about his route, gear or anything else in the meantime, post up in the comments below!

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Stats Update from Chiapas, Mexico

Time for a quick update on how the Take On The Americas trip is going, now that the journey has passed the 10,000km mark. I suppose the best way to do it is with a few numbers…

Distance cycled: 9222km
Distance sailed: 725km
Distance travelled on bus: 425km

Total nights: 165
Nights camping: 118
Nights in paid accommodation: 34

No. of cycling days: 122

Countries cycled: 3 (Canada, US, Mexico
US states: 6 (Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, California)
Mexico states: 7

Lowest/Highest altitude: -226ft / 9600ft (-69m/2926m)
Most km in one day: 136km
Coldest night/hottest day: -11C/+30C* (12F/86F)

Bridges/roads slept under: 5
Firestations slept at: 1
No. of times disturbed by men with machetes/men with guns/mountain lions: 3

No. of times cautioned/warned by warden/police: 2

Brake cables replaced: 1
Bottom brackets replaced: 1
Tyres used: 5
Punctures: 22*

Bears/coyotes seen: 6 / 3
Sealions/sharks seen: 1 / 1
Whales seen: 31*
Tarantulas seen: 3

No of times fallen off bike: 0(me), 1(Lars)

No of burgers eaten by Lars: lost count
No. of Thai red curries eaten: 6
No. of tortillas eaten: 173*

No. of lucid dreams: 5

No. of beers: 182
No. of glasses of wine: 31

Average distance cycled: 75.5km/day (not including rest days)
Average distance cycled inc. rest days: 55.9km

Average km/beer: 50.7km/beer (compared to Take On Africa trip of 24.5km/beer!)

If you want to read more about the trip, best go to my blog.

(Photo courtesy of Lars Bengtsson)

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A Wild Night to Remember…

Wild camping

So what do you do when you are seen wild camping in a not-so-stealthy spot? Where three teenagers, a cocky lad and two girls, walk past with a bottle of rum to be drunk down by the river, just 30km outside San Salvador near the main road?

Well, we said hello as they went by and stayed where we were.
But half an hour later the three return, inebriated.

The lad was staggering and slurring his words. Barely understandable. But he is asking for a phone. We don’t have one (so we say), but soon he gets aggressive and starts demanding our phone. And the girls are peering through the tents looking to see what they can take. Time to get serious. Take a stand. Make clear there’ll be no messing with us. How exactly they thought they could steal from us in their intoxicated state I don’t know. I suppose they weren’t really thinking at all!

But as they leave, we immediately start packing up. Time to find another place. We don’t know if they will come back, or bring others, or if someone else will see us.

And that’s how, at 8pm, in darkness, we push our bikes back to the main road and hesitantly cycle on. But being on the road after dark in these areas is not safe either. So we ask if we can camp in the yard of the first home we see.

Although it is difficult to understand all that the father is saying, he eventually tells us go follow him across the road to another house.

The gate is locked, but it’s only wood and barbed wire, so it is bent and we carry our bikes over. And up to the front door of this simple single room, corrugated roof house. The door is locked, the curtains drawn. The father and son knock on the door. No reply.

The son raises up one of the glass slats on the window, pulls back the curtain and calls inside. No reply.

I peer through too. The TV is on and a man is sat in an armchair with his back to us, watching it. The son calls again. No reply.

Maybe he is sleeping.

I feel guilty for not only disturbing one family, but now waking up another stranger having broken through his gate and pulled apart his window.

I say that perhaps it is better if we carry on and look for somewhere else to camp. But the father will have none of it.

I think the man must be drunkenly unconscious not to hear our racket outside. But his left hand is up in the air.

Now the father has a 3metre long stick from the garden and is starting to poke it through the window. I hope the man inside isn’t startled and have a shotgun close to hand. Seriously, how can he not have heard us? We have been here a good fifteen minutes trying to raise the dead…

Actually, it turns out we’ve been trying to raise the deaf.

So there we are, calling to a deaf man in the darkness and waving a long pole through the window to get his attention.

Finally he sees us.

He opens the door, wide lop-sided grin on his face, pleased to see his neighbour, even if it is nighttime and there are two strange gringos with bikes there too.

Now we know we are in a safe place. He wants us to stay in his home, but we insist on camping in the garden. We have intruded enough already.

The father and son leave us to put up our tents. The happy deaf man offers us fruit and gives us a bottle of ice cold water. With a few hand gestures he shows us the toilet and explains what time he must go to work in the morning. Not only is he deaf, but he doesn’t speak either. Surprisingly though, it is easier to communicate with him than with some locals who speak Spanish very fast and no English at all.

What a night and we haven’t even cooked dinner yet! But at least we are safe it. And so I sleep well… until the roosters start calling at 5.30am, which apparently is enough to raise even the deaf, because our man is already sweeping the yard when I emerge from the tent.

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What everybody ought to know about Wild Camping

Wild camp on Bleaklow in the Peak District

Wild camping is something we get asked about a fair bit here at Webtogs, and is one of our passions. The feeling of freedom and being able to camp on the hills is incredibly liberating, but some people are a little overwhelmed when thinking about heading out for the first time. We’ve been around the office to put together our top tips if you are thinking of heading out  for the first time.

  1. Leave no trace – We think this is the most important guideline to follow, take everything away with you and leave nothing behind. That means no fire’s, take your litter home, and take sanitary products such as tampons and towels away with you too as animals will dig them up.  Toilet duties should always be done at least 30 metres away from any water source, and make sure you take a lightweight trowel to bury any number 2’s! Don’t be tempted to move rocks or logs for the perfect pitch, leave the place where you camp as you found it.
  2. Where to camp and legal stuff – Wild Camping is legal on Dartmoor and in Scotland provided you follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. It is not legal in England or Wales unless you ask the landowners permission – which is usually impractical. Generally speaking though, wild camping is tolerated so long as you follow a few simple guidelines. Camp as high as possible. Don’t camp in fields with animals, camp away from human habitation and out of sight of roads, houses, farms or dwellings.  Finally, be prepared to move on if asked and always be friendly and polite.
  3. Pitch Late and leave early – Part of leaving no trace means spending as little time actually pitched as you can. The only side note we would say is take note of sunset times late or early in the year as popping a tent up on a mountainside in the pitch dark is no fun. Don’t camp in the same spot for more than 2 days at a time to lessen your impact on the environment.
  4. Blend in – That means don’t take a bright tent and camp as unobtrusively as possible. This has side benefits in that it  helps you avoid being spotted by anyone who might move you on, and lets others share in the natural beauty of the area you are camping in.
  5. Don’t take the gang – A couple of tents at most is what you want, share a shelter if a few of you are going.
  6. Take less stuff – Wild Camping is not about taking the kitchen sink, you are much better off taking as little as possible as you are going to have to carry it to your campsite. It’s also why you are wild camping as well, keep things simple and enjoy being away from the distractions and stuff of everyday life.
  7. Sort the water –  Camp near a water source if you can, or remember to take enough drinking water with you. If you are going to pick up water on your trip, make sure you have a water filter with you, you won’t want to be getting ill away from civilisation.
  8. Get the right gear –  Wild camping usually means being that much more inaccessible from civilisation so you need to make sure your gear is up to the task. The last thing you want to do is have a tent fail on you with the wind and rain coming down hard. Checkout our range of quality tents and sleeping bags to make sure you have a good time. Focus on lightweight gear where possible and ensure you have everything you need so if you do have any problems, you can sort them out yourself.
  9. Small steps – For your first wild camp, consider finding a spot that you can get back from easily, that way if your gear fails or if you have any problems, a retreat won’t take you hours!

Follow these and we reckon you will have a great time, fire away in the comments with any questions, or, what are your top tips for a great wild camp?




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