Rab Microlight Range – The Ultimate Winter Warmers

Here at webtogs.com we are proud to stock an unrivalled collection of Rab’s premium quality outdoor gear. From hats and accessories to walking trousers and gilets; we have Rab products for every adventure.

Rab are a British brand that are passionate about providing the most functional and high quality designs in the outdoor industry. They have a rich history in the manufacture of down products, and you can see their logo being sported by some of the world’s leading explorer’s and pioneers of adventure.

Today we’d like to talk a bit about Rab’s Microlight collection; an essential for the cold winter months. Rab’s range of men’s and women’s Microlight jackets and gilets are created with Pertex Microlight fabric; which ensures down insulation retains loft. Pertex Microlight also offers excellent wind proofing, abrasion resistance, water repellence, and down proof stability whilst retaining a lightweight and soft to the touch finish.
Rab Microlight Mens Jackety

Rab Microlight Mens Jacket

The Rab Microlight Mens Jacket is a super lightweight, only 340g, and super warm down jacket. It features 750 fill power goose down insulation that keeps your core cozy and warm, with a micro baffle construction that prevents down migration to allow for a more even distribution of insulation. This particular jacket has a slim fit – ideal for when the weather worsens and you need to slip a shell on over the top. Finished off with the Microlight range’s signature Pertex Microlight outer this jacket is weather and abrasion resistant whilst still exceptionally comfortable.

Rab Microlight Mens Gilet

Rab Microlight Mens Gilet

The Rab Microlight Mens Gilet is a classic winter vest; perfect for keeping your core cozy and warm in the harsh winter weather. It features 750 fill power down insulation wish a mini baffle construction that holds it all in place. This comfortable gilet has Lycra armholes that also help to prevent trap the body’s heat to keep you warm. The Microlight Men’s Gilet is finished off with the collection’s trademark Pertex Microlight outer, and a super streamlined fit that makes it a perfect layering piece.

Rab Microlight Alpine Mens Jacket

Rab Microlight Alpine Mens Jacket

The Rab Microlight Alpine Mens Jacket, as the name suggests, is the ultimate alpine adventurer’s down jacket. Featuring a weatherproof Pertex Microlight outer, a narrow baffle construction and a streamlined fit it keeps you warm and doesn’t develop cold spots. Unlike the regular Microlight jackets and gilets, it’s 750+ fill power down insulation is treated with Nikwax which ensures hydrophobic performance and keeps you warm even when the down becomes wet. This adventure ready jacket also packs conveniently small – perfect for stuffing in your pack in case of emergencies, something that you can never be sure of in an unpredictable alpine climate.

Rab Microlight Womens Jacket

Rab Microlight Womens Jacket

The women’s version of the Rab Microlight Jacket boasts all the same premium features including 750 fill power down, a micro baffle construction and a Pertex Microlight outer. However it also features a comfortable women’s specific fit and a lighter weight of just 310g. This ensures that this adventure ready jacket is still warm, prevents cold spots and layers up well but it also offers personalised comfort for days spent in the mountains exploring.

Rab Microlight Womens Gilet

Rab Microlight Womens Gilet

This women’s specific gilet vest is the ultimate lightweight body warmer. It features 750 fill power down for exceptional warmth. a mini baffle construction that holds the down in place and a slim cut that enables it to be layered up. It also boasts a women’s specific shape that extends your level of comfort, and fleece lined hand warmer pockets that are great for storage or quickly warming up your digits when they get chilly.

Rab Microlight Alpine Womens Jacket

Rab Microlight Alpine Womens Jacket

The Rab Microlight Alpine Womens Jacket follows the same theme as the rest of this excellent collection; lightweight, warm, comfortable and durable. However, like the male version of this comfortable jacket, it is also extremely packable and made for use in even more unpredictable alpine weather conditions. It features a European goose down insulation with a fill power of 750+. This insulation is coated with a Nikwax hydrophobic solution, which ensures that this jacket stays warm even when it becomes wet.


So there you have the Rab Microlight collection; a collaboration that allows Rab’s knowledge and the exceptional quality of Pertex Microlight fabric to come together to deliver unrivalled performance. Can’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Check out the rest of our unrivalled Rab Outdoor Gear collection for all of your outdoor adventures this winter.

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Berghaus Hydroloft and Hydrodown Insulation

Born in 1966, Berghaus is one of the most respected British brands in the world – let alone the outdoor industry. Drawing on almost fifty years of experience to create their award winning products and technologies; they are true leaders of innovation.

Berghaus are able to create premium quality, reliable and user friendly products because they focus on just that – the needs of the user. Being outdoor enthusiasts themselves, they are able to use that insight to create products that work exactly as you need them to. Combine this with their inclusion of some of the outdoor industry’s most successful technologies, and a few of their own innovative creations, and that is what makes each and every Berghaus product.

True to their nature; Berghaus aren’t slowing down any time soon. In fact, they have just brought to us two excellent new insulation technologies; Hydroloft and Hydrodown.




Hydroloft is a synthetic insulation system designed to offer exceptional breathability and superior comfort whilst maintaining a lightweight design. It offers water resistance, is fast drying and performs extremely well in wet conditions.

Hydroloft works by using super-fine fibres which mimic the structure of traditional down insulation, creating small air pockets that allow moisture to escape and trap heat. The main benefits of this type of insulation compared to traditional synthetic and down alternatives are increased breathability, lighter weight and lower bulk, water resistance and fast drying.

It is able to perform better in wet conditions than traditional methods of insulation thanks to the synthetic fibre construction. These fibres do not absorb water, and combined with a water repellent outer layer can dry quickly to perform well in adverse conditions.

H-down TECH


Hydrodown insulation offers an innovative new take on nature’s traditional method of insulation. It offers the same benefits of natural down insulation without any of the downsides; enabling you to stay dry, warm, comfortable and travel light.

Hydrodown is created by giving goose down a durable water repellent (DWR) treatment. This ensures that is better able to resist the effects of wet weather, dries quickly and retains insulation properties even when it does become damp. Ensuring that like traditional down it has an excellent warmth to weight ratio that makes it perfect for cold weather expeditions, but it is better prepared to perform when the weather becomes wet.

The key benefits of this type of insulation are that it is compressible and packable, breathable, has a great warmth to weight ratio, repels moisture, retains lost and dries fast for quick recovery. This means that Hydrodown is the perfect option for mountain weather and cold weather adventures where you need to travel light and fast but don’t want to compromise on performance or comfort.


Here at Webtogs.com we are proud to be offer a wide range of Berghaus products that boast the advantage of their expert knowledge and innovative technologies; including Hydroloft and Hydrodown insulation.

Berghaus Asgard Hybrid Mens Jackets

Berghaus Asgard Hybrid Mens Jacket

The Berghaus Asgard Hybrid Mens Jacket is a hybrid insulation jacket designed perfectly for versatile active performance. It boasts a range of premium technologies for superior performance in cold and damp conditions. The Asgard Hybrid features a Pertex Quantum outer fabric for enhanced durability, wind and water resistance as well as a combination of Hydroloft and Hydrodown insulation, a draw cord hem adjustment for heat retention, plenty of storage pockets and a helmet compatible fixed hood for the ultimate mountain performance.


Berghaus Asgard Tribrid Mens Jacket

Berghaus Asgard Tribrid Mens Jacket

The Berghaus Asgard Tribrid Mens Jacket is a versatile insulating layer perfect for comfortable performance on alpine adventures. It utilises body mapping technology to offer greater comfort and insulation in the areas that you need it most. Hydrodown insulation is used in the areas where heat retention is key, Hydroloft insulation is used in the areas where breathability is most important and fleece fabric is used on the arm where freedom of movement is essential. This body mapping construction means that the Berghaus Asgard Tribrid Mens Jacket is able to adapt to the needs of different parts of your body; ensuring that everything works for optimum performance.


As you can see, Hydroloft and Hydrodown insulation technology is a huge advancement for Berghaus. It will allow greater performance without compromise, therefore ensuring that outdoor enthusiasts are able to push the boundaries and go comfortably where others have not before.

Check out the rest of our huge collection of Berghaus outdoor gear to enjoy superior performance for all of your adventures this Autumn.

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Take Note World: Rab is Awesome

Last weekend whilst discussing work with my friend Alex, I was surprised to hear that he had never heard of the brand Rab. This was very surprising to me, because of the 50+ brands we sell at Webtogs, Rab ranks second only to The North Face in terms of sales – and even then it’s a close-run thing. It’s also very much the ‘it’ brand in the market at the moment, with a rapidly expanding fan-base and amazing sell-through, not to mention the fact that it’s been around as a flag bearer of the British outdoor kit industry since the 1980s. (more…)

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