Jack Wolfskin, Salomon and more New Brands at Webtogs

We always aim to bring you the best outdoor gear from all the best manufacturers and brands and at the best prices which is why recently here at Webtogs a number of well-known and diverse names have been added to our roster.  It’s always exciting to have the privilege of being approved for stocking products of brands new to us; even more so when we have a number of different types in one go.


Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin are a name well known amongst experienced outdoor enthusiasts having over three decades worth of experience in making high quality outdoor clothing such as jackets, tops, pants, headwear and shorts; plus footwear, rucksacks and handy accessories like water bottles, walking socks and more.  The extensive range of Jack Wolfskin outdoor gear covers every kind of activity from a simple short walk to braving a mountain trail as their aim has always been to get everyone out and exploring the wilderness whatever their ability or favoured type trail by being as comfortable as possible and you can find their premium products with us at Webtogs.

Also now at Webtogs are the bestselling footwear brand Salomon who since 1947 have specialised in durable technical hiking boots, shoes and sandals for hikers, climbers, trail runners and everyone who likes to take a walk outside.  The Salomon designs are stylish fairly distinct as shown in their popular 4D GTX boots collection and the entire range features the pinnacle of footwear technology such as Vibram outsoles, OrthoLite footbeds and GORE-TEX lining and constructions so that they can take on the terrain and climate conditions so you stay comfortable and supported.

We’ve also acquired brands that produce accessories and equipment that make adventures in the wilderness much easier such as Pure Hydration and Water To Go who produce canteens and water bottles designed to allow you to drink more safely plus BioLite who make compact and highly effective stoves that merely require small amounts of biomass to ignite a contained fire that will cook and charge electronic devices.  Other brands include Extremities with their range of gloves, socks and headwear that work to keep your appendages and head warm and dry without losing any flexibility at all and Buff who have quite simply created the most versatile range of garments around that can be used as everything from a balaclava, to a neck scarf and even a wrist band.

So please take a look at the great new brands and products we have for even more options for making any journey into the outdoors much more comfortable and enjoyable so you can focus on the trail ahead.

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Webtogs Road-Trip to the Brit-Brand Trio & Marmot!

Aptly-named snack of the week. Great value too.
Aptly-named snack of the week

I should probably start out by explaining that when I say ‘Brit brand trio’, I’m referring to Rab, Mountain Equipment and Montane. These three brands are the standard-bearers for the UK outdoor industry, and between them they account for over half of the products ranged on Webtogs.co.uk at any given time. It was these brands, along with another of our suppliers; US brand Marmot, that Webtogs MD Keith and I set out to visit last Sunday on a 5-day buying road-trip. I can report that it was epic thanks to the exciting new products on show… and the added bonus of getting to take the bike out on some awesome trails in the Lakes (Altura Trail, Whinlatter & The North Face Trail, Grizedale) and Peak District!


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Take Note World: Rab is Awesome

Last weekend whilst discussing work with my friend Alex, I was surprised to hear that he had never heard of the brand Rab. This was very surprising to me, because of the 50+ brands we sell at Webtogs, Rab ranks second only to The North Face in terms of sales – and even then it’s a close-run thing. It’s also very much the ‘it’ brand in the market at the moment, with a rapidly expanding fan-base and amazing sell-through, not to mention the fact that it’s been around as a flag bearer of the British outdoor kit industry since the 1980s. (more…)

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A Bike of Many Parts

It’s a few weeks since I arrived back in the UK. The short cycle from the airport was the least smooth of the whole journey. Nothing to do with the roads this time though. When it came to re-assembling the bike, having been packed in a big box for the flight, the pieces just didn’t seem to fit together. The gear cables wouldn’t connect to the hub so I couldn’t change gear, the brakes barely worked (although that had been an increasing problem over the final weeks) and the forks didn’t fit in quite right into the frame so I had to leave a few of the spacers out. And then there was the wobbly back wheel which nine months after I first noticed it, was now, well, very wobbly. Never mind, I could still cycle. And it wasn’t far.

So for the last few weeks I’ve been without the use of the bike (although fortunately I have a moutain bike too, which is getting well-used instead). Time to get it fixed. First I took the back wheel over to SJS Cycles, where Dave had a quick look at it and said he could have the hubb all fixed up in half an hour. And sure enough, after half an hour, I walked out of the shop with a replacement hubb, and new sprocket fitted too. Very impressed. I also stocked up on three Schwalbe Marathon XR tyres.

Yes I know a bike only has two wheels! In any case the tyres that took me through Africa still have some life in them. But Schwalbe no longer manufacture these tyres and there’s just no other tyre that will stand the test of touring time. These should keep me on the road for a while longer. My legs are bound to give up before the tyres give out.

But the rest wasn’t going to be quite so simple. Simply because I’ve decided to fix the rest of the bike myself.

I thought I had the spare parts I needed. And so on Sunday morning, with multi-tool, pliers and a good supply of WD40, I set about taking off the old parts that needed replacing. On closer inspection, this turned out to be most of the bike bar the frame, wheels and new hubb.

My touring bike - mid-repair

Having removed several layers of bike oil and grease from my hands and body, the afternoon was mostly spent on the internet searching out the replacement parts I need… brake cable set, gear cables, headset bearings, chain, chainring, a new twistshifter assembly and the only part that sounded remotely interesting which was the ‘noodles and boots’ (and they’re nothing but small bent metal tubes that the brake cables fit through).

So until I get the new parts through, the rack is on my mountain bike so I can head off to the hills at the weekends. In the meantime, my trusty tourer is scattered about my room in several rusty or dirty pieces.

I think I forgot to mention – the next tour I’ll be cycling the Great Divide from Canada, through the USA, to Mexico. You can read more about it on my new website, Helen’s Take On…

And over the coming weeks I’ll be posting more on the Togblog about how the preparations for the trip are going.

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Blandford Shop re-opens

Most of the people reading this blog will know Webtogs as an Online website and may not be familiar with the fact we have a shop in Blandford Forum thats run by Colin, our shop manager and uber guru mountain bikey action man. The shop has been on the go since day one as it has been important for us to get direct feedback from customers on products. It is however a rather small shop and Colin had been concerned that we were trying to be a bit of a jack of all trades. Keith (our buyer) on the way back from ISPO, started to chew the fat with Colin and together they decided the best way forward was to become a lot more specialised and focus more on footwear and boots.

Both these lads are of the get hands dirty brigade and so just 3 weeks later – they had completely changed the shop and refitted it. Last night James and myself, mosied on down for the grand re-opening. To say we were completely blown away by the change is like saying Karl Marx was a little to the left in politics. Gone was the cramped interior filled with gear left, right and centre, to be replaced by a clean, airy store focussing on boots with good local walking essentials (packs, socks, maps etc).

Shop Front

Boot Display

The highlight of the shop for me has to be the central ramp to ensure that people get a good feel for their boots on an upward and downhill slope, it looks frankly awesome. Colin and the gang have also been going through a training programme to ensure that the fitting service we offer is second to none.

Boot Ramp

The opening night was brilliant with lots of local people coming in to see the new style and attendance from the local press. All in all it was a cracking night and I very much hope that the shop reaps the success it deserves as we move in to 2009. If you are in the area, pop on down to 47B East Street to check it out or give Colin a call for more information on 01258 455544

Boot Ramp

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The Oscar for best outdoor video goes to…….

This week has been a mental one as we have been out and about shooting video for the website and for a video noobie such as myself, it has been a really interesting experience. I’ve long been a big fan of videos on websites when selling stuff as people get a much better idea how things work and what it looks like in the flesh. Shooting the video has also been a great deal of fun with James and Matt acting as the crew and myself somehow ending up in front of the camera. I’m fairly sure this is down to the beard, but I’ll leave you to make up your own minds if this was a good idea when you see them on the site! James did us all proud with his shooting soup (Beef consomee, Tabasco & vodka) which was totally lush along with some old fashioned scooby snacks.

The product videos were relatively easy but the real toughy so far has been the gear guides we are starting to shoot on helping peole to choose Jackets / Boots etc, they took more than a few takes so every time I see those blooper reels, I have a certain amount of sympathy. Whats going to be interesting is to see what everyone thinks of them, do they help people come to a decision or is there anything we could do better? Stay tuned to Webtogs TV 😀

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The North Face comes to Webtogs

The North Face

Well, James spent pretty much all weekend putting our brand new first batch of gear live from The North Face. We’re ecstatic about getting these guys live as it’s not every day they approve a new ecommerce retailer to sell their range.

As a bit of background, the North Face brand was established in sunny San Francisco in 1968. The name was chosen as the north face of any mountain is usually the most difficult to climb and this helped reflect the fact that their gear is designed to cope with even the toughest terrain. You may not also know that they have a sibling in “Jansport” which is one of the world’s largest backpack makers.

We’ve got a good starter selection of products online and in-stock now, encompassing the hugely popular North Face jackets and North Face trousers / shorts.

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