Twitter Icebreaker Giveaway

UPDATE: Competition entry closed at end of Jan and we have a winner! Congratulations to Ian Moore who is on twitter as @idmoore. We’ll launch a new competition in the last week of Feb.

Right, so it’s time to start our first Twitter contest and we’d like to start with one of the coolest brands right now “Icebreaker”. The aim is to do a competition every single month from now on and we’ll also be offering some exclusive ones just for existing followers.

We’re giving away one of the following this month (draw ends Friday 30th Jan 2009):

An Icebreaker Rock Zip Fleece Top – Women
An Icebreaker Rock Zip Fleece Top – Men

Want to win one? All you have to do is the following:

  • Follow @webtogs on twitter
  • Simply tweet “Just entered to win a cool Icebreaker Rock Zip Fleece Top for Fri 30th Jan. Just follow @webtogs and retweet. “

Here is the current (updated every minute) of all entries, showing your odds to win.

The contest is open to anywhere in the UK and Europe and is completely free to enter.

Good luck!

Here are some pictures of the Icebreaker tops:

Icebreaker Rock Women

Icebreaker Rock Zip Mens

P.S. Thanks to @simonianson for helping out with some inspiration for this.

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The Icebreaker Baa Code

Icebreaker officially launched their new Baa Code concept yesterday, gaining some good traction and mentions in the blog and press. It’s a really interesting idea actually, whereby certain ranges of Merino clothing come with a BAA code tag that you can then use and enter into the Icebreaker Baa Code reader:

Icebreaker Baa Code

Try using the code “213C3F390” to demo it and you end up seeing the actual sheep ranch where the wool came from to the made the fabric, and a video with the farmers detailing their lives and history. Fascinating stuff. Of course a better way would be for you to buy some Icebreaker Clothing from Webtogs and then type in your own code!

Now if only they would release Baa code V2 where it can actually show you which exact sheep it came from and do an interview with them. Now “that” would also be worth watching.

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