Rab Down Sleeping Bags Deal: 40% and up to £228 off RRP

I can announce that the MD, Kieth, has used all his years of experience in the outdoor industry and hard-won contacts at Rab, to wrangle an exclusive deal on a selection of Rab’s finest down sleeping bags, exclusively for Webtogs.

The backstory: Rab have announced that they are re-testing the down in their sleeping bags for next season, and are re-working all of their sleeping bag styles to comply with new European warmth (EAN) ratings. In effect, due to increases in the wholesale cost of down, the outcome of this shake-up will be significantly more expensive bags, that are identical to this year’s bags in terms of performance… with a sprinkling of minor cosmetic changes. Anyhow, Rab had some of their 2013 batch of down left, which the used in some of their best selling, high quality sleeping bags from this winter – which Webtogs have been able to secure an exclusive deal on!

The Deal: This means that we can sell the Rab Expedition 1200 Sleeping Bag, with an RRP of £570, and a comfort limit of -40°C (It only weighs 1920g, to boot), for just £342. That’s £228 off RRP. I defy anyone to find a bag that warm for that cheap anywhere else! (more…)

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IMRG – High street sales drop while online gains big wins

IMRG and Capgemini

A good report from the Capgemini and IMRG guys recently, (don’t know why they have to do the report together -maybe holding hands so they don’t get scared!), stating that online sales are now accounting for 17% of all retail sales and that this is predicted to rise to between 30% and 50% in the next five years. This is huge!

Not only do high street retailers have to start thinking about how this affects their business models – they have to do so soon as the credit crunch hits the high street and pushes even more people online. Fuel prices, convenience, cost savings, and cold dark weather are all factors influencing the shift.

James Roper, IMRG’s Chief Executive is quoted as saying “Clothing and footwear sales were the biggest losers in physical stores in June with sales flat or lower despite heavy discounting”. In fact, we’ve seen stores like Black trying out 50% discounts right now to stack them high and sell them cheap – smacking of desperation perhaps? He goes on to say “Online, internet clothing sales were up to 32% and footwear rose by 38%.”

In fact, with things like free delivery and Zero Hassle returns, high resolution multi-angle images, and a nice shopping experience at sites like Webtogs – is there any more reasons NOT to shop online?

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