Back from the Brecons and musings on scripts.

Well I’m back and refreshed after a weeks holiday, we had a simply awesome time just west of the Brecons. We stayed in a cottage very reminiscent of the BBC Wales Coal House programme at Bantwen and it really was an experience.

I’ll blog later about some of the days out but what was great was meeting up with Keith & James for a stroll up Pen y Fan, organised to try and get James a little fitter!

Pen Y Fan

It was fantastic to actually have some proper hill days for the first time in absolutely ages and along with a trip up to Llyn Fawr I felt like the hills were not such far out of my reach, even more so as coming back it took us just two hours from the Eastern edge of the Brecons. I’m already planning my next jaunt….

I’ve also been thinking more and more about our Customers experience when phoning Webtogs. I have had plenty of experiences when ringing a company (BT definitely springs to mind!) where I know that they are reading from scripts. On some occasions that’s absolutely fine, take my credit card company for example. If I want to pay bills or change my address, I don’t mind a script but the real issue for me is when you need to solve a customers problem. Recent research in the banking industry shows that 9 out of 10 people hate it when they feel they are having a script read out to them and I am definitely one of those 9! They leave you frustrated as you do not feel you are being listened to, and on some occasions, they give an answer which isn’t relevant to the question or problem you have raised. It also sucks the morale out of teams as they have no input in to a call and may as well be on Valium for all the enthusiasm it garners. So aside from our greeting, it’s one of the reasons why I will never give scripts to our Customer Services team. I actively encourage our guys to listen, chat, bring a part of themselves to the conversation and go at the customers pace.

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