Easy outdoor cooking with Biolite Stoves

Biolite StoveWe all know that preparing food and heating drinks in the outdoors isn’t always the easiest thing either by having to carry around heavy cooking equipment like gas canisters or searching for the right biomass materials to start a fire with, plus after a long day hiking you just want to relax and eat.  Here at Webtogs we have the innovative Biolite Stoves which are designed to not only make cooking meals and drinks really easy but lighter to carry and have a few other handy features too.

The Biolite Camp Stove cooking system is comparatively lightweight and only requires a small amount of renewable biomass such as sticks and twigs to be effective as each unit is built with an internal thermoelectric generator which powers a heat regulating fan for greater efficiency.  There are optional attachments for the Biolite such as the Grille Cook Attachment system which provides a greater surface area to cook food on and there is also a Biolite Kettle Pot that perfectly fits the unit so you can make hot drinks, boil water or heat up soup with very little hassle.  On average it takes four and a half minutes to boil a litre of water using 46 grams of wood.


Unlike standard camping cooking equipment the Biolite Stoves also create electricity from their thermoelectric generators which is connectedBiolite-Kettle-Pot-for-Cooking-System to a USB port so is able to charge most electronic devices that are compatible.  It will approximately take twenty minutes to charge an iPhone 4S for 60 minutes of talking time for example so in an emergency you will have enough power for your devices if required.  So if you want an easy way to prepare food and drink on your latest adventure these Biolite Stoves and Biolite accessories available online now at Webtogs are perfect.

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Jack Wolfskin, Salomon and more New Brands at Webtogs

We always aim to bring you the best outdoor gear from all the best manufacturers and brands and at the best prices which is why recently here at Webtogs a number of well-known and diverse names have been added to our roster.  It’s always exciting to have the privilege of being approved for stocking products of brands new to us; even more so when we have a number of different types in one go.


Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin are a name well known amongst experienced outdoor enthusiasts having over three decades worth of experience in making high quality outdoor clothing such as jackets, tops, pants, headwear and shorts; plus footwear, rucksacks and handy accessories like water bottles, walking socks and more.  The extensive range of Jack Wolfskin outdoor gear covers every kind of activity from a simple short walk to braving a mountain trail as their aim has always been to get everyone out and exploring the wilderness whatever their ability or favoured type trail by being as comfortable as possible and you can find their premium products with us at Webtogs.

Also now at Webtogs are the bestselling footwear brand Salomon who since 1947 have specialised in durable technical hiking boots, shoes and sandals for hikers, climbers, trail runners and everyone who likes to take a walk outside.  The Salomon designs are stylish fairly distinct as shown in their popular 4D GTX boots collection and the entire range features the pinnacle of footwear technology such as Vibram outsoles, OrthoLite footbeds and GORE-TEX lining and constructions so that they can take on the terrain and climate conditions so you stay comfortable and supported.

We’ve also acquired brands that produce accessories and equipment that make adventures in the wilderness much easier such as Pure Hydration and Water To Go who produce canteens and water bottles designed to allow you to drink more safely plus BioLite who make compact and highly effective stoves that merely require small amounts of biomass to ignite a contained fire that will cook and charge electronic devices.  Other brands include Extremities with their range of gloves, socks and headwear that work to keep your appendages and head warm and dry without losing any flexibility at all and Buff who have quite simply created the most versatile range of garments around that can be used as everything from a balaclava, to a neck scarf and even a wrist band.

So please take a look at the great new brands and products we have for even more options for making any journey into the outdoors much more comfortable and enjoyable so you can focus on the trail ahead.

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Backcountry Boiler in action

We’ve posted up on Facebook recently about a new Stove that got us rather excited in the Webtogs office. A modern twist on the Chimney Kettle, we’ve been following with interest the progress of Devin who has been tweaking and designing over the last three years or so a more lightweight, portable version. Sometimes known as the Kelly Kettle from our Irish fisherman friends, the design has been around for a while and was even used by NZ troops in world war II. They are traditionally large and heavy, so a lightweight version is more than welcome for us backpackers. They are seriously simple in how they operate, as this image shows;

Anatomy of a kelly kettle

We received ours from the lovely Phil Turner of Lightweight Outdoors as a pre-production sample to get to grips and play around with. First things first, this is seriously light coming in at around 220  grammes. In our humble opinion he has cracked the problem that lots of people had with this design, namely that previous versions were far too big and heavy.

Back Country Boiler
Lumberjack duties done
Timing wise we experienced a boil in a fraction over 5 1/2 minutes. We figure as you get more practiced, you can get that time down to below 5 minutes easily. We love the fact you are using real fire to boil stuff up. There is nothing that beats the smell of woodsmoke in our humble opinion, and the backcountry boiler gives it to you in spades. We also love the fact it is great for the environment as burning wood is carbon neutral.

It wasn’t long before we got neighbours looking over the fence with some quizzical and impressed faces, and it was soon cups of tea all round. We took some photos of the boiler in action and a little video that you can see below.

Fire on the go
There be fire

Altogether we are very impressed. We are talking to Devin now and hope to be able to stock it later next year. We think it is our favourite stove of the moment, whats currently occupying your backpack or car as stove of choice?





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