Hydroshell, Advanced Waterproofing from Berghaus

Introducing Hydroshell, advanced waterproofing from Berghaus designed specifically to keep you drier for longer, so you can get back to the adventure. Hydroshell technology is Berghaus’ latest big success, and here at Webtogs.com we are proud stockists of this superior waterproof range. The three key features of this exciting new technology are 100% waterproofing, enhanced comfort and sustainability for life; Hydroshell technology is engineered to answer all of your outdoor needs

100% Waterproofing

Hydroshell technology is 100% waterproof, and has been tested in the harshest conditions to ensure maximum performance and keep you drier for longer. Rigorous testing means you can trust Berghaus’ Hydroshell to perform its best when you need it most.

Enhanced Comfort

Hydroshell fabric is extremely breathable, helping to regulate your body temperature and keep you comfortable all day long. This comfortable technology is ideal for heading out on long day trips and weekend hikes.

Sustainable for Life

Hydroshell fabrics last longer and need less reproofing, therefore reducing the impact on natural resources and reducing water consumption. Wear your Hydroshell jackets with confidence knowing every effort has been made to reduce their environmental impact.

Berghaus Light Hike Hydroshell Mens Jacket - Extreme RedBerghaus Light Hike Hydroshell Mens Jacket

The Berghaus Light Hike Hydroshell Mens Jacket is designed with a unique insight from walkers, ensuring it meets all of your walking and hiking needs. It features a wire framed fully adjustable hood, a drawcord hem and a dipped back design for full weatherproof protection. For easy storage it comes with a handy stuff sack and features four pockets for secure storage of your essentials.



BerghaBerghaus Light Trek Hydroshell Mens Jacket - Intense Blue Twilightus Light Trek Hydroshell Mens Jacket

This excellent walking and trekking jacket has been carefully designed to ensure it features everything you need for your outdoor pursuits, constructed from Hydroshell Elite fabric it is ready to take on all weathers. First of all it is constructed from reinforced fabrics for periods of long wear and carrying a heavy rucksack. It is designed to deliver all day long comfort with a vented design and cuff tab adjustments. With four secure pockets it is easy to store and access your essentials on the go.



Berghaus and Brasher

As you probably already know, two of the best brands in the industry have joined to become one under the collective name of Berghaus. They still produce and sell all of their most popular designs, but under the Berghaus name. Two of Brasher’s most popular hiking boots now sold under Berghaus are the Fellmaster GTX Mens Hiking Boots and the Explorer Ridge Plus GTX Mens Hiking Boots. Ideal for exciting outdoor adventures, they feature rugged constructions for comfortable support, Gore-Tex lining for breathable moisture management and waterproofing.

Berghaus Fellmaster GTX Mens Hiking Boots - Earth Espresso

Berghaus Explorer Ridge Plus GTX Mens Hiking Boots








Now you can see the results of Berghaus’ unrivalled expertise and passion for the outdoors, check out the rest of our outstanding collection of Berghaus Outdoor Gear for all of your outdoor adventures. From walking boots and waterproof jackets to touch screen gloves and daypacks; Berghaus have something to enable every adventure.




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Move over Gore-Tex, Core Construction Technology has landed

Is outdoor gear about to get a huge makeover? It certainly looks that way with all of the buzz surrounding the latest advancement in technical construction from small Colorado- based brand Voormi. Granted, Voormi isn’t one of the biggest names in the outdoor gear world and unless you’re a hardcore skier or snowboarder you’re unlikely to have heard of them; but Voormi could be the name on everybody’s lips pretty soon with their new Core Construction Technology.

Voormi Mountain Range

Core Construction Technology is set to overtake some of the most popular technologies, like Gore-Tex, in the near future. So here’s what you need to know. This new technology has allowed Voormi to create a single layer waterproof, supple, comfortable and breathable fabric. Unlike traditional waterproof membranes such as Gore-Tex which are laminated or coated onto another layer of fabric, Core Construction Technology knits around and into the membrane with yarn to create a single layer waterproof textile with a membrane at the core. They then reconstitute the membrane after the knitting stage so that the waterproof integrity of the membrane is not compromised.

Voormi Core Technology Cross Section

But that’s not all. Voormi claim that they can even adjust the properties of the membrane, attributable to the size of the pores, to suit different garments and applications. They also suggest that their Core Construction Technology will work with any membrane, not just waterproof ones, potentially allowing them to completely revolutionise the way that all outerwear is made. However, for now Core Construction Technology is still in the fairly early stages and is only available to buy direct from Voormi in a range of three garments.

Voormi Core Technology in action

This hooded merino wool pullover incorporates Core Construction technology to be extremely lightweight, comfortable and wind and water resistant.

The DRIFT HYDRO is an extremely lightweight softshell jacket with a water resistant membrane as well as a thermal insulation layer inside for high performance warmth and weatherproofing all in one lightweight garment.

AN/FO 3.0 Concept Jacket
The AN/FO 3.0 Concept Jacket is a ski jacket built with a Core Construction Technology liner that is laminated to their own
patent pending Surface Hardened fabric.

For the time being you can only enjoy Core Construction Technology by purchasing one of these three garments from Voormi themselves, but with plans to license the technology to other larger companies you are certain to see the ingenious technology on shelves across the world in no time. Here at Webtogs.com we get a feeling that is just the beginning for Voormi and their Core Construction Technology, and from where we stand the future of outdoor gear looks set to change forever.

In the mean time, check out our range of outdoor clothing and accessories and get kitted out for all of your outdoor adventures.

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